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Who should stay and who should go from the 2023 Philles?

The Phillies have entered the offseason earlier than what they had hoped for. Dave Dombrowski and company are now faced with a lot of questions regarding this team's roster. Let's go through the Phillies roster and see who should stay and who should go.



JT Realmuto- There is no question that JT should be back on the Phillies next season. He is the best catcher in baseball. The only concern is how much he plays. The Phillies should look to limit his games. He has led the league in games caught the last two season, and catcher is not a position that ages well.

Rafael Marchan- Introducing the Phillies newest back-up catcher. Marchan had a great year in AAA this past season when he returned from injury. He has one option left on his contract until he needs to be Designated for Assignment. He is the better defender and hitter than Stubbs, and should be the back-up next season.

Do not keep

Garrett Stubbs - With Realmuto needing to start cutting back on games behind the plate, the back-up catcher position has immediately become a major weakness for the Phillies. Stubbs is not a strong defensive catcher, and his bat is below average. Some people will be upset due to Stubbs being good for the clubhouse, but his play on the field is below average. Rafael Marchan in AAA is deserving of the back-up catcher role and only has one option left.




Bryce Harper- It is still unsure if he will play 1B or RF, but there should be no question that Harper is a Phillie next season. I personally think that Harper should stick to 1B, but either way he is back next season.

Trea Turner- His first season in Philadelphia was shaky, but there is no question Turner is back next season. Turner showed us throughout the season that he is capable of being the best SS in the game, and I am confident he will return to that form in 2024.

Bryson Stott- I was questionable if Stott would be able to adjust from SS to 2B and if his bat could take the next step up. Stott proved that he is already one of the game's best second baseman and has the potential to be an all-star and possible batting champ.

Alec Bohm- The first questionable move of the article. Bohm struggled tremendously during the 2023 Postseason. Bohm did show a lot of great promise throughout the regular season, but he was not able to mimic that in the postseason. Third base is the one position the Phillies can upgrade. With Bohm being under contract until 2027, the Phillies could look to move Bohm. I say the Phillies should keep Bohm and continue to develop him.

Edmundo Sosa- I am a huge Edmundo Sosa fan. He has proven to be a very valuable defensive infielder who can play multiple positions, and his bat has taken big strides since coming to Philadelphia. He has been a big depth piece for the Phillies and he should continue to take a bigger role with the club.

Kody Clemons- I was a big fan of Clemons. I really think the time he did spend in AAA would really do wonders for him. As a depth piece, I think he would be an excellent fit.

Do not keep

Rhys Hoskins- There are going to be a lot of upset people about this. When it comes to keeping Hoskins or not, the Phillies need to figure out what to do with Bryce Harper. Harper is the better defensive first baseman than Hoskins. If Harper wants to move back to RF that would mean we would have to move Castellanos (which I do not see happening.) Ultimately with Harper staying at 1B, the Phillies no longer need Hoskins.

Weston Wilson- Wilson had a great year in AAA and set the Lehigh Valley IronPigs franchise record for most homeruns in a season. That success in AAA never truly replicated to the MLB. The Phillies need depth and he just is not going to cut it right now.

Rodolfo Castro- He managed to play himself right out of a spot on the playoff roster.

Scott Kingery- This one really pains me. Throughout 2023, I kept saying Kingery deserved one last shot at making the Phillies. He is a free agent this offseason and I expect him to move on and try and make an MLB roster. I do not think they should risk it with another contract.

Designated Hitter


Kyle Schwarber - Schwarber was a phenomenal DH for the Phillies. The only frustration with him was where he hit in the lineup. Schwarber is still one of the game's best power hitters and definitely should be here in 2024.

Do not keep

Darick Hall- I included Hall in the DH section so Schwarber did not get lonely. Hall is a good minor leaguer player, but not MLB caliber. The Phillies can improve here and should.



Nick Castellanos- Even though Castellanos' bat went cold again in the NLCS, he had a career year in 2023. He was the MVP of the 2023 NLDS and one of two all-stars for the Phillies this past season. He was robbed of a Gold Glove and did not commit one error this past season.

Brandon Marsh- Dave Dombrowski has already hinted that Marsh will be back in 2024, but the question will be if he is in CF or LF. It was also reported that Marsh could play every day regardless of the opposing pitcher. Marsh has turned into one of the most reliable bats in the lineup and has started to hit lefties much better.

Johan Rojas- He was one of the biggest surprises of the season for the Phillies. After making the jump from AA to the MLB, Rojas looked like a Gold Glove CF. The big concern for Rojas is he is well below average at the plate. There is speculation that Rojas starts the season in AAA to work on his mechanics. I think Rojas starts the season in AAA and makes his way back to the Phillies lineup by the all-star break.

Christian Pache- Pache was another guy who was brought to Philly for his defensive presence. However, after the first month he managed to become a very reliable batter. However, injuries plagued him in 2023. I am not convinced that Christian Pache was fully healthy when he returned from the IL either time. I think a healthy Pache definitely has a place on this team.

Do not keep

Jake Cave- Cave was used as a depth piece once the entire team was healthy. The team's biggest weakness this postseason was lack of depth. Cave was not a valuable depth piece. They can improve here with him gone.

Simon Muzziotti- The Phillies 9th rated prospect had a good year in AAA, but never got the call to the Phillies this season. He had a small stint with them in 2022. Dave Dombrowski said some OF prospects could be on the move and my guess is Muzziotti is the one he is referencing.

Starting Pitching


Zack Wheeler- No brainer

Taijuan Walker- After not pitching a single pitch in the postseason, Walker was very upset about that decision. Walker pitched fairly well this season. He is still one of the better starters in baseball and will be back next season.

Ranger Suarez- Another no brainer. I am not sure about you, but when Ranger is on the mound I have so much confidence in him.

Christopher Sanchez- Sanchez was a solid 5th starter for the team. The expectations for him are not high as a 5th starter, but he definitely exceeded them.

Aaron Nola- Here is one that is going to cause a lot of debate. Nola and the Phillies failed to get a deal done prior to the 2022 season and Nola is set to be a free agent this offseason. Dave Dombrowski has made it clear that Nola is their top priroity. Nola is looking for an 8 year deal while the Phillies are looking around a 4-5 year deal. If they can work out a 4 year deal, I think resigning Nola should be an easy call. Nola struggled at times this past season, but he did show when he is locked in to be one of the better pitchers in baseball. I think the Phillies still need to add more depth to their rotation outside of Nola, but retaining Nola should be a priority.

Do not keep

Michael Lorenzen- You can consider him a starter or reliver, but the outcome is the same. The Phillies "big" addition at this year's deadline never panned out for the Phillies. He did pitch a no-hitter in his home debut, but other than that he was a major disappointment. Lorenzen's poor play pitched himself out of the rotation and even a lost cause out of the bullpen. He is set to be a free agent, and the Phillies should let him walk.

Relief Pitchers


Jose Alvarado- This should be a no brainer. Without question the most reliable arm out of the bullpen.

Jeff Hoffman- One of the biggest surprises for the Phillies this season. A guy who was expected to play a majority of the season in AAA, turned into one of the better relivers this postseason.

Matt Strahm- For as big of a surprise Hoffman was, Strahm was just as big of a surprise. Strahm had appearances as a starter and a reliver this season and pitched fairly consistent all season.

Orion Kerkering- Say what you want about him during the NLCS, Kerkering is going to be a start in this league. After starting in Low-A, he managed to pitch in high leverage situations during this year's playoffs. There is a lot of promise for the young pitcher, but he already has gained the confidence in the clubhouse.

Seranthony Dominguez- He was more inconsistent this season than what we are used to for Seranthony. He is still one of the better relivers in all of baseball. He needs to be moved away from high leverage situations, but he is still a good reliever to have in the bullpen.

Gregory Soto- This is one I debated a lot about. Soto is still under contract until the end of 2025. He struggled at times in his first season in Philadelphia, but he has shown before to be one of the top relievers in all of baseball. He struggled in the postseason, but I do not believe he was used in the proper situations. I think the Phillies give him another shot in 2024.

Andrew Bellatti- 2023 he was plagued with injuries, but when healthy he was a decent depth piece for this bullpen.

Yunior Marte- He flipped between the MLB and AAA all season. By the end of the regular season, he started to look more and more confident. I am willing to give him another shot, but with a short leash.

Do not keep

Craig Kimbrel- The Phillies brough Kimbrel in with hopes he would return to his high caliber play. At times this season Kimbrel showed vintage Kimbrel. However, his NLCS collapse left a sour taste in everyone's mouth. Kimbrel is set to be a free agent and I think the Phillies should move on. Kimbrel is on the decline, and he is not that elite pitcher he was.

Conor Brogdon- This was a surprise move when Brogdon was sent down to AAA. It turns out that was the right move. Brogdon got to AAA and completely crumbled.

Dylan Covey- Why Covey kept getting opportunity after opportunity still confuses me. He was usually brought in during very low leverage situations and even then, made me nervous. They can improve here, and they need to.


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