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Top 6 Players Eagles Fans Should Pay Attention to for the 2023 Draft

NFL Draft season is not quite here yet. However, that does not mean we cannot look ahead to April 2023! The Eagles are in a very unique and great situation to be in. The Eagles have 2 picks in the first round. They have their own and after a 2022 Draft trade, they also own the New Orleans Saints. The Eagles originally had two picks in 2022, but after a trade for AJ Brown, they ended up with just one.

The part that is unique about the Eagles two picks are both on complete different sides of the first round. Currently the Eagles own the 31st pick and the Saints pick is currently sitting at #6! When looking at names that the Eagles should target in the first round is tough. Obviously, they will look at certain players for one pick but not another. This article is broken down into two sections. Top 3 players they should target with the New Orleans pick and top 3 players they should target with their own.

The draft process is still early, so there will be a lot more shakeup, but here are some names to keep an eye on as we head into the final part of the college football, NFL, and early parts of the draft season! With the second half of the college season upon us and bowl season quickly approaching, we only have a few more games to watch the guys who could be potential Philadelphia Eagles!

Players to target with the New Orleans pick

Will Anderson Jr DE/OLB Alabama

This is the best player in this draft and in any other season should be the first overall pick. However, this is a QB driven league and the 1st, 2nd, and maybe even the 3rd overall picks will all be QB's. Now if you watched a minute of Eagles football you know we are not in the market for a QB anytime soon. Anderson is the best overall prospect in this draft and with multiple QB's in this class he will fall to a team that does not need a QB. His mixture of speed and strength will guarantee a long NFL career. If he is available, Howie would be a fool to pass on him.

Peter Skoronski T Northwestern

Jeff Stoutland is a legend as an offensive line coach. Lane Johnson is getting old, and we need to look to the future. Skoronski is the best tackle in this draft. With this pick, he would have an opportunity to either play behind him for a year or move over to LT to start the season. Howie has made it clear he builds from the trenches, and this pick would do that.

Jalen Carter DT Georgia

Just like Lane Johnson, Fletcher Cox is not getting any younger. Seeing as the Eagles released Cox for a brief minute this off-season, makes you think his time in the midnight green may be coming to an end. Let's pair Jordan Davis and Carter together. We saw what they did together at Georgia. The Eagles can fully stop the run game for opposing teams for the long term by pairing these guys together.

Players to target with their own pick

This pick will be tough if you do not know where they go with their first selection. I am going to just name 3 players who would be valuable options. Some may be the same position as players above. Obviously if they draft a defensive lineman to start the night, I do not expect them to draft a second DL to end the night!

Will McDonald DE Iowa State

We will continue mentioning the idea that this pick will be a pick towards the future. The Eagles do not have many holes, so instead of filling a non-existent hole they look to the future and bring someone in to replace a vet. Brandon Graham will retire soon, and McDonald could be his replacement. He is one of the best overall pass rushers in this draft. I like the idea of how fast and athletic he is, and he can use that to get past most offensive lineman.

Siaki Ika DT Baylor

If you haven't figured out by now, I think the Eagles will focus on the defensive line in the first round. At 350 pounds Ika has 41 QB pressures at Baylor since 2021. Howie builds through the trenches and right now our defensive line is getting old. It is time to get the young guys in and continue the dominance with our defensive line.

Cam Smith CB South Carolina

It is no secret Darius Slay and James Bradberry together has been a great combo. Both are turning 30. and Bradberry is playing well enough to get a big payday. As much as I would love to see both of them return, Howie needs to look to the future. Assuming Bradberry gets a big contract, letting him walk may be the best option. If that is the case, getting a CB at 31 would be a great investment.


Throughout the draft season, the AAT Sports crew will look at various prospects for the Eagles. Knowing Howie, he will trade one of the picks, but for now we can take a look at players for both picks. The Eagles are in a great scenario that there are no glaring holes on either side of the ball. Both selections will be made with a long-term vision.


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