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7-Round Eagles Mock Draft

We are in the home stretch of the NFL Draft season. The anticipation for what is going to happen is destroying me. How will Howie mess this? How will Howie try and out smart people? Will we draft Jalen Reagor 2.0? So many questions. Here is my 7 round mock for the Eagles.

15. Trent McDuffie CB Washington

There is no question, the Eagles do not need to replace Darius Slay. However, they do need someone desperately on the other side of the ball. Avonte Maddox is a solid slot corner. McDuffie never gave up more than 39 yards in all of 2021 and only gave up 2 deep receptions in his entire career. He plays so much bigger than his size. With the departure of Steven Nelson to the Texans, McDuffie will be an easy pick.

18. Chris Olave WR Ohio State

The Eagles need another franchise WR to play alongside DeVonta Smith. Every other WR on the roster is just not cutting it. Olave is one of the best deep ball threats in this class. If the Eagles are going to truly invest in Jalen Hurts, getting him the best deep ball threat and an incredible route runner is exactly how you do that.

51. Kenneth Walker III RB Michigan State

We all know Howie loves to outsmart people and will make questionable picks. Please welcome the first of his many questionable picks of 2022. Miles Sanders is on the final year of his rookie contract, Boston Scott is only efficient in the red zone, and Kenny Gainwell should be moved over to a slot receiver. The Eagles have a need at RB and Walker fits what the Eagles offense needs. They need that RB who will break tackles and turn it into a big gain. I do not like this pick, but it seems like something Howie will do.

83. Darrian Beavers LB Cincinnati

The Eagles are weird at LB. Hassan Reddick plays more like an EDGE than a LB and they signed Kyzir White in the offseason as well. However, the Eagles are still thin on defense and at LB. I like Beavers for his ability to square up with TE's. We need a LB who can play multiple positions and that is what Beavers does well.

102. Max Mitchell T Louisiana

Howie's biggest strategy has always been to build from the trenches. We have all seen how many offensive line combinations the Eagles have gone through in the last two seasons. My biggest concern is with Lane Johnson. He has been unhealthy for a while and could be a guy the Eagles move on from soon. Mitchell has experience at both LT and RT while in college. Against Texas he only allowed one pressure at both LT and RT.

124. Grant Calcaterra TE SMU

The Eagles have always gone with two TE's and sometimes 3. With Zach Ertz in Arizona, we need a 2nd TE to play with Dallas Goedert. This moves helps offset some pressure from Goedert as well as gives Jalen another weapon.

154. Cordele Flott CB LSU

This is purely a depth pick. The Eagles are so thin at CB, that we simply need bodies. The Eagles switch between man and zone very often. Flott's biggest strength is his ability to do so as well. He has decent hands, but is not afraid to get his body in the way.

162. Noah Ellis DT Idaho

Howie loves building from the trenches. Fletcher Cox is not getting any younger and it seems this may be his finale in Philly. Ellis provides depth for guys like Milton Williams to start getting more of the reps.

166. Leon O'Neil JR S Texas A&M

With Rodney McCleod off to the Colts, the Eagles need some major help at safety. There is still hope that the honey badger will end up in Philly. The guy I really wanted the Eagles to take, was off the board earlier than expected. Leon's best quality is his strength. He rarely will give up yards after contact. The grit and play skill will fit in great with the Philly fans.

237. Brock Purdy QB Iowa State

This pick is for the QB factory. I am sorry I had to do it. At least I am not like some people who have the Eagles taking a QB in the first round. The Eagles have been interviewing QB's ahead of next week's draft, so I expect them to take someone, but do not expect anyone on day 1 or 2.


Overall Thoughts

If this is what the Eagles would do during the draft, I think I would be content. I am not super thrilled with the Kenneth Walker III pick, but I know they are not sold on Miles Sanders long term, which would open the door for a need at RB.

The Eagles defense has so many holes. After this draft, the CB room is completely locked down, and we fixed other areas of our secondary. On offense, we made it clear we are all in on Jalen Hurts in 2022. There have been so much talk that the Eagles were looking to move on from him, but this draft should show we are all in on Hurts for 2022. Getting Olave is IMO the best pick of this draft. We get a 2nd elite deep ball threat and can finally put to rest how bad our WR core has been.

PFF gave my mock an A-. I never gotten this high of a grade in college, so I must have done something right.


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