Things to Keep an Eye on as the Eagles Offseason Workouts Begin

1. Jalen Hurts

What do the Eagles have in Jalen Hurts? That is the biggest question surrounding this team as they enter the 2021 season. Numerous players have come out praising the young QB and his leadership, and his work ethic is second to none. The Eagles will give Hurts the chance to prove that he can be their next Franchise Quarterback. Hurts is a very cheap option, and if he is able to perform at a high level, the Eagles rebuild will speed up drastically. The Eagles have two, possibly three, first-round picks next season to add elite young talent to the roster. If the Eagles are able to spend those three picks on non-Quarterbacks, they will be in a very good situation with a young, cheap Quarterback and tons of money to spend.

2. How will the team respond to the new, young coaching staff?

There is no denying how much Head Coach Nick Sirianni loves the game. He is a high energy guy who is trying to bring over a new culture to the Eagles Franchise. Sirianni has been preaching competition, and the fact that he has not named Hurts as the Quarterback officially, shows that nobody is exempt from that.

The Eagles have the youngest roster in the NFC East, so that may help Sirianni build the culture he wants around his football team. It is early, but signs point towards the team buying in. Brandon Graham was quoted earlier this week saying, "It's like a younger version of the Andy Reid era." That is a very good sign early on seeing that both the young players and the vets are buying in to their new Head Coach.

Jalen Hurts mentioned that he has not been coached as a Quarterback other than his time under Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma. That includes last season under Doug Pederson. The Eagles new staff is very hands on, and new Quarterback coach Brian Johnson is very familiar with the second year QB. Reports have circulated that the new staff is teaching their players "why" each thing they do is important rather than just barking out orders. It will be interesting to see if this will lead to more development from the Eagles young players because in the past, there hasn't been much growth from the youth.