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STAY OR GO: The Quarterbacks

This article will be the first of many as I breakdown the Eagles roster and simply decide whether the players on the current roster and injured reserved should stay or go ahead of the 2021 season. The Eagles are in an unfavourable salary cap position heading into this offseason, and that will play a part in this series.

I will kick things off with the quarterbacks on the roster, and it is looking likely that a massive change is coming. Carson Wentz has been the hot topic of trade talks for almost two months now, and although it appeared a certainty over Super Bowl week, things have cooled since then. Regardless, there will be big changes in the Eagles quarterback room.

Carson Wentz

Wentz had a torrid 2020 season. His performances coincided with a regressing offense over the last three seasons, and everything capitulated this past season. It led to Wentz's benching, losing faith in Doug Pederson and seeing the former-Head Coach fired. Wentz has not spoken to the media since his benching, but it appears that the divorce is near.

Verdict: GO. As big of a shame as it will be. It is the best thing for the franchise. Wentz's relationship with the Eagles appears fractured beyond repair, and there were even rumours that he is ignoring Howie Roseman's phone calls. The trade talks have gone on since the end of 2020 and have grown since. Despite nothing happening, it is apparent the Eagles want to trade him. Even if he has not publicly demanded one, and they know his time is up. It is a matter of time until the right deal is agreed upon.

Jalen Hurts

Hurts being taken in the second round of the 2020 draft, proved to be one of the most controversial picks in recent Eagles memory. However, ten months after the draft, the second-round selection, is looking likely to be the next starter of the franchise. Following Wentz's dismal 2020 season, Hurts stepped in for the final four-and-a-half games and showed glimpses of what he could do. He had a memorable first two games against the New Orleans Saints where he beat them in his first NFL start. He also impressed in Arizona during the tight defeat to the Cardinals. However, after his bomb to DeSean Jackson in the first quarter of the game in Dallas, he has not looked the same. Following the first quarter of that game, he struggled to move the offense down the field as the Eagles scored just three points in three-quarters of the blowout loss.

Then came the controversy in the final game where he was benched for Nate Sudfeld. Hurts had a chance to defeat the Washington Football Team as his legs here killing them at times as he accounted for both the Eagles touchdowns. Despite that, he threw 7/20 for 72 yards and an interception. He had a very shaky last couple of games, and it is clear there are things he must improve. The talent and potential also showed in glimpses, but he needs to work hard in the offseason to take that next step. A healthy offensive line will help him greatly, allowing him more time to go through his reads inside the pocket. However, he was guilty of quickly abandoning things after the first read, and trying to run the ball or throw it on the move. Which he is very good at may I add. His sideline throws are also impressive, but he has to have more belief in his arm strength. Hurts' legs will be a huge asset, and they now need to sure him up as a passer in 2021 if he is to take that next step and become the Philadelphia Eagles, franchise quarterback.

Verdict: STAY. Hurts has to stay, especially with Wentz leaving. It has to be the final card in Howie Roseman's pocket. He has to stick with him. Having caused such a rift within the city and organisation, Roseman has to back the biggest gamble he has made. Hurts is also invested within the organisation, and has won over his teammates with his hard-working attitude. His second year will be a massive one, not just for him, but for the entire Eagles organisation. Fingers crossed he can show why he should be the man going forward.

Nate Sudfeld

Nate the great (Ted Lasso reference) has been with the Eagles since 2017 but has never gotten beyond that third-string role. He was set to become the backup in 2019. However, a hand injury in pre-season got him sat behind Josh McCown. Sudfeld became the third-string quarterback again this season when Hurts finally got onto the gameday roster but was involved during the final quarter of the regular season. He may have played poorly, but he got his chance to get back on an NFL field, and that is a credit to the man and player that he is. Despite his struggles, we will never forget his only touchdown in the final game of the 2018 season against Washington.

Verdict: GO. Unfortunately, this will be the end of the road for Sudfeld with the Eagles. Having been unable to get beyond the third-string role throughout his four-year stint, it is time to move on.


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