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Oklahoma State Pro Day Media Recap

Oklahoma State had their pro day on Thursday afternoon, and several players spoke with the media. All About the Birds was in attendance for the event.

Chuba Hubbard, Running Back

Hubbard is one of the few Canadian born players coming into the NFL Draft, and he was happy with his 40 times. The thing Hubbard wanted to show scouts was that he was healthy again after coming off two surgeries. Hubbard admitted that he had lingering issues following those procedures, and a high ankle sprain also derailed his 2020 season. He believes that he did that.

The running back feels that he is blessed and fortunate to be in the position that he is in, especially with how rare it is for Canadian born player's to reach the NFL. Hubbard also spoke a bit about his character saying, that he would stand up for what's right and speak up if he believes something is wrong. He viewed himself as a leader on and off the field and said he will always speak up if he feels that he needs to. Having a character like that coming into the locker room is a big one, especially with the leadership aspect.

Rodarius Williams, Cornerback

Williams is the brother of current NFL cornerback 'Greedy' Williams. He said that he was in contact with his brother getting advice from him about the draft process. Williams also said that he was tidying up his route running as he heads into the draft.

He believes that he achieved the goals that he had set for his pro day and was happy with his overall performance. Williams admitted that he is receiving great feedback and responses from the scouts he has met. That is despite the lack of national recognition he has received.

I asked Rodarius a question regarding the draft process from his point of view, and he said that it had been a great experience for him. He also confirmed that he had spoken with the Eagles and many other teams who have given him great feedback.

Amen Ogbongbemiga, Linebacker

Ogbongbemiga is the second cousin of Emmanuel Ogbah and believes that his pro day was a success. His position drills went well, and he admitted that he is now excited for the next part of his journey towards the NFL. He has played plenty of Special Teams in his career, and he is proud of his attitude towards it. He played on Special Teams with the viewpoint of doing whatever he could to help the team win, and he is going into the NFL with that same belief.

Despite his 2020 numbers not being as glamorous as 2019, the linebacker believes that he grew as a player and was not worried about it. He is hopeful that his pro day inspires a team to take a chance on him earlier than anticipated. He believes that his instincts and playing fast are the two things he improved most at Oklahoma State.

I was able to ask Ogbongbemiga what sort of player and person an NFL franchise would be getting if they drafted him, and who else he had reached to outside of Ogbah.

Dillon Stoner, Wide Receiver

Stoner said that he had some nerves coming into his pro day and was just anxious to get out there and show what he could do. He said that he was happy with how his jumps went and felt good with how everything went for him.

The wide receiver said his draft process now is to carry on working out and to keep himself busy.

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