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Miami Hurricane's Media Day Recap

The Miami Hurricane's football program held their media day immediately following the team's pro day. This event was highlighted by three defensive lineman who are expected to be high draft picks in this years draft. Tight end Brevin Johnson also took to the podium on Monday. Check out what these four guys had to say.

Jaelan Phillips

One of the best pass rushers in this draft talked early about his pro day performance. Phillips highlighted his 40 yard dash performance. He was not happy with it for the simple idea that he knows he can do better. Phillips stated he has been able to run 4.4 40 times before but today was not his best performance. One negative narrative with him is there are high risks for injury. While at UCLA he had two injury prone seasons that made him retire from football. Phillips said there are no more injury risks and no thoughts on retirement. He kept saying "check the film," when he was asked if he is NFL ready. Another negative narrative is his music career. He has been producing music throughout college and people say his focus is not there. He responded to that as well and said "check my film." Phillips says look how much he has transformed as a player from freshman year at UCLA till now. Football is his passion and number one priority and music helps him relax and get his mind ready.

Quincy Roche

He was asked early on what his thoughts about his pro day performance. Roche was happy with how he performed but he always wishes he could do better. He would not go into detail about his specific times and scores, but he said it is where he expected to perform. The highlight of his press conference was his response to where in the NFL he expects to find his niche. Roche credits his disruptive play and versatility as his two biggest strengths of his style of play. Disrupting the offensive momentum or flow is an area that Roche feels no one else has that in this year's draft. Roche talked a lot about being able to play in many different schemes and anywhere on the defensive line. He said teams have asked if he is willing to play different positions and he is ready to do anything a team asks him to do.

Greg Rossueau

Here is a guy who I feel can sneak his way into the top 10 in a offensive stacked draft. Greg was not overly impressed with his pro day numbers, but he says no matter what, there can be improvements to his game. He knows even if he had record breaking numbers, that in the NFL he still needs to get better to have a long career. Many questions asked to him were surrounded with his lack of film. He only played one season after opting out in 2020. Greg talked for a long time that after a family member contracted COVID he immediately opted out. His family and his health are his two most important things. Overall, Rossueau's media day press conference was not the highlight. He was asked standard questions and he gave very standard responses.

Brevin Johnson

Johnson immediately talked about his times from his pro days. He attempted to make the point that he did not feel the scores were accurate. Johnson said his shuttle time was very inaccurate and he wants to make sure everyone knows that number was incorrect. He talked a lot about his time at Miami. Johnson did not feel that at his time at Miami that he was able to play to his best ability. Johnson believes that he is no where close to playing his best football, and he is ready to show NFL teams his true potential. With the Eagles more than likely moving on from Zach Ertz this could be a guy that the Eagles look to fill the hole on day 2 or 3. However, he was asked if he was in contact with the Dallas Cowboys and the Las Vegas Raiders. He said these two teams are the top of his list and both organizations have been in serious contact with him. Both teams have needs at TE and they could look to him during the draft.

Johnson had my favorite quote I have ever heard from a press conference. He was asked what his time at Miami has meant to him. He said "if you doubt my love for this university you are soft and dumb. Please do not hide behind twitter if you want to hate" I know someone will not like this, but I just fell in love with Brevin Johnson because of this response!

One overall feel I got from these Miami players is they are all very energetic. This is my 10th media day, and these guys were the most energetic group I have ever seen. Every player was having fun talking to the media and very passionate about their school and their teammates. Wherever these players end up, NFL teams and fans will love their energy.

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