Could the Eagles Trade a 1st Round Pick?

The Eagles have 3 first round picks. We now know the Eagles have the 15th and 16th picks thanks to the Dolphins and Colts both missing the playoffs (thanks Carson!) We are still unsure where the Eagles pick will land, but we have 3 first round picks.

This is a phenomenal place to be. The pressure to find a gem is slightly less. If 2/3 of the picks turn out to be studs, I am still going to give this draft a A+. I want to present an idea. What about the Eagles moving on from either the 15th or 16th pick. This past season was supposed to be a rebuilding year where the ceiling was 6 wins. They are now in the playoffs and way ahead of schedule. Why not trade one of those first round picks for a player who we know can produce. I have 3 players that could be trade candidates this off-season and who should and could be on the Eagles radar this offseason

Calvin Ridley WR Atlanta Falcons

Calvin Ridley was a top 5 WR a few seasons ago. This season he battled a lot of mental health issues and stepped away from football to focus on himself. He came out and said he feels a change of scenery is the best thing for him. The Eagles have a future stud in DeVonta Smith. However, elite football teams have multiple weapons. Ridley is still 27 years old and would fit in well with this young team. Oh yeah and lets reunite him with his college QB Jalen Hurts. I love the Alabama to Eagles pipeline we are creating.

Christian McCaffery RB Carolina Panthers

Two years ago he was the best player in the NFL. He then has battled injuries the last two years. I expect this offseason for him to come out and request a trade. There are a lot of risks with him. If he can stay healthy, he can be such a valuable player in this league. The Eagles need help at RB. Miles Sanders is just not cutting it. Maybe even include Sanders in a trade with McCaffery?

Saquon Barkley RB New York Giants

Same thing as McCaffery, injuries have hurt Barkley so much. The Giants are about to have a new GM and a new Head Coach. I have seen so many times when a team hires a new GM and HC, they start fresh. By getting a fresh start, they could move on from Barkley. The Giants already have two first round picks. With the idea that they are rebuilding, another first round pick could be very appealing. It is rare to see the Eagles make a move with a division rival, but for Barkley it is worth it.

Jonathan Allen DT Washington Football Team

I had to give the defense some love and continue with the trading with a division rival. Washington is rebuilding or at least trying to. They have been searching for a future franchise QB and I expect them to try and find one in this year's draft. Could another first round pick intrigue them enough to move on from Allen? Howie Roseman has made it clear he builds from the trenches. He will retool the defensive line this offseason, could he do that by giving up a first round pick and trading for Allen?