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Why every NFL player should be rooting for Wentz

Carson Wentz has become enemy #1 in the NFL in 2020. Let’s get it out of the way. His play has been horrible and he deserved to be benched. Off that Carson has been torn apart and his character questioned by current and former players. Then why is it that I say players should be rooting for Carson? It is 2 words GUARANTEED MONEY!!!

Yes, ultimately it comes down to the all mighty dollar! MLB & NBA players have had guaranteed contracts for years. Not so much in the NFL. The players have been fighting to have more and more money guaranteed in their contracts. Finally, they are now starting to see those precious guarantees.

So how does Carson’s bad season fit into this equation, he already got his money. Well, that is the point. He is being paid no matter what and it could be crippling to the Eagles. So when the next big deal is due to be signed is the owners and/or GM’s going to want to offer all that guaranteed money? Will they consider how the new deal could blow up in their face. Carson’s deal could be the face for dialing back on guaranteed money. The guaranteed deals really started to take off with Kirks Cousins in 2018. He signed a three year, fully guaranteed contract. Just one year later, Carson is signing his big deal. The Eagles committing over $120 million to their quarterback. That deal wasn’t even overly controversial when it was signed, well it sure is now.

Carson’s contract is not going to be over looked when the next big name player is up for a deal. Josh Allen is hot right now, could he regress? Is Dak going to have a set back from his injury the way Carson has in Philadelphia. These are the questions GM’s and owners will have when their players come up for a new deal. A franchise now might think twice about guaranteeing a large portion of a players deal. And if a QB isn’t getting all the money guaranteed, you can sure as heck bet no other position will either.

So instead of trashing Carson around the league, players really should hope 2020 is an enigma. They should want him to get back to his old self and bounce back to Quarterback taken number 2 in the draft. They should root for Carson for the sake of their own paydays. Because is there is one guarantee in the NFL. It is the owners don’t like throwing away their money.

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