What does the Carson Wentz trade mean for the Eagles "QB Factory?"

Carson Wentz is officially on his way to the Colts ,and Jalen Hurts is the only QB on the roster. Where does this leave the state of the Eagles QB room? With only one QB on the roster and a brand new head coach, the Eagles will have major decisions to make in 2021. Will the Eagles move on from Jalen Hurts? Is Jalen Hurts the back-up or the starter? Many different scenarios that we need to take a look at.

Jalen Hurts QB1

Introducing the new franchise QB of the Philadelphia Eagles...Jalen Hurts. The Eagles drafted him in the second round last season, and when he took over for Carson Wentz, there seemed to be some light at the end of the tunnel. Jalen Hurts is only 22 years old but he is still far from a perfect product. However, he is capable of being the new franchise QB. Give him proper coaching, play calling, and offensive weapons. If they start to commit to him now, we won't have a repeat of the Carson Wentz tenure.

Free Agent Back-ups

If the Eagles are all in on Jalen Hurts they are going to need a back-up. I fully expect Nate Sudfeld to be playing elsewhere next season. There are few candidates the Eagles could sign that would be willing to take the veterans minimum.

Cam Newton

Cam played awful in New England ,and his days of being a starter in the NFL are likely over. Since his starting days are behind him, teams will look to him as a back-up. After a disastrous year in New England his demand may vanish, the Eagles could sign up him to a much cheaper contract than what he is worth.

Nate Mullens

Mullens is not a starting QB in this league, and may not even be a back-up caliber player either. However, the Eagles need to be extremely cheap this off-season due to the cap issue. Mullens would provide experience and be the cheapest option on the market.