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Those Damn Millennials!

How many times have you heard that statement! Well as a proud Gen-Xer that is what I am going to say about this coaching staff right now! Too many damn Millennials! Don’t get me wrong, I do think this generation is creative and smart, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. That is the feeling I get with Sirianni and his staff. Nick seems to be lacking that wise old wizard who can be that calming influence in his ear. He needs at Senior Advisor. In the role of Advisor, he can guide the first time coach and play caller in game planning and game day management. He can reel him in when things go crazy. Many experts in the NFL thought Coach Sirianni was going to bring in such a coach when he announced his staff. Now, is the time to correct it and bring in the much needed help.

Coach Sirianni is going through the growing pains of being a first year head coach and other than Jeff Stoutland, he has no real veteran experience to lean on. Do I think he can figure it out. Yes, I do but he is making it harder on himself, his staff and his players.

If I was Jeff Lurie, I would be on the phone with a coach like Jim Caldwell before the plan left Dallas last night to get him here to guide Sirianni and his young staff for the near future. This is not an out of left field concept either. Many young coaches lean on the wise veteran coach. It won’t fix everything, but it would be a start before the season and staff tumbles out of control.

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