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Sauce Gardner to the Eagles?? Sign me up!

The Eagles at the moment have 3 first round draft picks. A few months ago, there was a moment where it was going to be 3 top 10 picks. Now that the Eagles, Colts, and Dolphins have all started to win games, we are slowly moving to 3 top 25 draft picks. Regardless, it is still a great scenario to be in.

There are a ton of players I want the Eagles to target. There is one position I want them to focus on more than any. The cornerback position is a major weakness. Darius Slay is an elite talent, but he is just one guy. There is one CB that I want the Eagles to target more than anyone at this position. I want the Eagles to target Cincinnati CB Ahmad "Sauce" Gardner.

We all knew what the outcome of the Alabama vs Cincinnati semi final game was going to be. However, we are not talking about the elite game Gardner played. One of the top WR prospects in the 2022 class is Alabama's Jameson Williams. Without question, Williams is also Bryce Young's favorite receiver. Gardner held Williams to 2 targets, 1 catch, for -2 yards. I am not sure about you, but that is a horrendous stat line for Williams. You can thank Gardner for that.

Let's take a look at that big catch for Williams. The speed and the big hit from Gardner does not give Williams any chance of even making it back to the line of scrimmage.

Over Garnder's prolific career at Cincy, he has played +1,100 snaps, he has had 9 interceptions, and has allowed 0 touchdowns. I know there is someone out there saying, "He plays at Cincy they don't play anyone." So what is your thoughts on his stat line against Alabama? What are your thoughts that he never game up a TD and that includes games against Notre Dame and Georgia? The man has not given up more than 13 yards in a game all season. This man is elite.

I am sure another person wants to knock him for not having a lot of career interceptions. However, when the ball is not throw your way it is hard to get an interception. Gardner does a good job at locking down his opponent. Gardner is not like Trevon Diggs who plays out of position, Gardner stays with his man. Watch this play from a Cincy practice. You can see why the ball was not thrown his way. #12 did not stand a snow balls chance.

The Eagles have a need at the CB position. Darius Slay was a pro bowler this season. However, he can cover every player. Gardner would help lock down our CB position. Looking at NFC East teams, Dallas has at least 3 reliable receivers, New York has 3, and Washington has 2. By locking up the CB position, there are 6 games on the schedule that will help the Eagles lock down the receivers.

There are a lot of CB's in this draft, especially within the first round. The more the Eagles draft picks fall, the decision of which CB the Eagles should take becomes smaller and smaller. Gardner might just fall into the Eagles lap. I love Gardner so much, I would trade up just to get a guy like him.


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