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Phillies Add 5 in 2023 Rule-5 Draft

The 2023 Rule 5 Draft has come to an end. The Phillies added 5 players through this year's draft and lost 4 players in the draft.

For a player to be eligible to be selected in the Rule-5 Draft, that player must not be on their team's 40-man roster past the mid-November deadline. If a player signs with a team 18 years or younger must be put on the 40-man roster within 5 years. Players who sign 19 years or older must be placed on the 40-man roster after 4 years. After that they could find themselves on a different roster during the draft. For the first time in over 3 years, the event was held in person at the Winter Meetings in Nashville.

Phillies Results Round by Round.

Major League Phase- Did not make a selection.

Minor League Phase

Round 1-C William Simoneit (OAK)

Round 2- C Luis Caicuto (AZ)

Round 3- C Carson Taylor (LAD)

Round 4- SS Trevor Schwecke (TOR)

Round 5- 1B Bryce Ball (CLE)

All five of these players are not required to add any player on to the 40-man roster and can assign them to any affiliate in the farm system that they like.

In the Rule 5 Draft, teams are not required to make selections. Once a team passes, they are finished for the remainder of the draft. The Phillies and the Miami Marlins are the only two teams to make a selection in all 5 rounds of the Minor League Phase.

The Phillies lost the following players as a result of the Minor League Phase in the Rule-5 Draft.

LHP Rafael Marcano to Minnesota

LHP Keylan Killgore to Kansas City

RHP Carlos Betancourt to Houston

RHP Blake Brown to Tampa Bay

The Phillies 6th rated prospect Carlos De La Cruz was eligible to be selected in the Rule-5 Draft, but was not selected in this year's Rule-5 Draft.

The Winter Meetings continue this week in Nashville Tennessee.


-Adam Mack (@adammackMLB)


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