Mack's Monday Mock: Johnny U vs. Mack

Welcome back to another Monday Mock with Mack! This week we will continue to look at the Eagles 3 first round draft picks. A disappointing loss to the Giants on the road showed a lot of glaring weaknesses. Some of them can be fixed with one first round draft pick. Fortunately for the Eagles, they have 3.

For this week, I challenged my good ole friend Johnny to a friendly competition. Who can create the better first round mock for the Eagles.

Johnny U (@Johnnyu9322) "Defensive forces coming..."

9. Andrew Booth Jr. CB Clemson
10. Jordan Davis DL Georgia
14. Devin Lloyd LB Utah

Mack (@adammackNFL) "So things are can Howie make them worse?"

9. Kyle Hamilton S Notre Dame
10. Garrett Wilson WR Ohio State
14. Ahmad Gardner CB Cincinnati