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Kyle Pitts > DeVonta Smith: Why the Eagles need to draft Kyle Pitts part 2

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

A few weeks ago, I posted an article on why the Eagles should draft Kyle Pitts. I received a lot of great feedback from people. 50% of people are totally on board for drafting him. Some people would rather have Ja'Marr Chase and I can fully respect that. However, the only way we are in a position to draft him is if we trade up. Since I expect him to be off the board by the time the Eagles pick, I am back to recruiting people to the Kyle Pitts hype train.

The people who hate the idea of Kyle Pitts to the Eagles is because they see "TE" next to his name. They do not see the elite playmaker that Kyle Pitts is. Many people want DeVonta Smith over Pitts. I am here to tell you that the Heisman Trophy can be a distraction to the idea that Pitts is better than Smith.

Before you continue, give part 1 a read!

Kyle Pitts > DeVonta Smith

I am going to shoot it to you straight, Kyle Pitts is going to have a better NFL career than DeVonta Smith. I know this is a bold statement, and I am assume when people read that, they will immediately mention Smith's 2020 stats and how he won the Heisman trophy. I will give him props for that. Smith was the best player in college football last season and he deserved the award. The Heisman does not mean immediate NFL star, just ask RGIII and Johnny Manziel. If you are going to argue that Smith is better than Pitts, do not use the Heisman in your argument.

Physical Traits

The NFL is all about mismatches. It does not matter what offensive player we are talking about. It does not matter where they are lined up. It does not matter if they are lined up as a slot receiver, tight end, or running back. Offensive coordinators and QB's are looking for mismatches. If a coach sees a mismatch with a RB, guess who is going to get the ball? If a coach sees a mismatch with a receiver, guess who is getting the ball?

Kyle Pitts is going to create many more mismatches than DeVonta Smith. The average height of a NFL cornerback is 5'11". Kyle Pitts is going to be a nightmare for opposing CB's. The size of Pitts helps him excel in 50-50 plays. In all honesty it is more like 80-20. Pitts' size is unlike any receiver in this draft. He uses it to his advantage, and that is why we are here talking about him.

Check this play out. Double covered, but the mismatch at the beginning is to good for Pitts. He is able to use his size and strength to bring in the TD. This is the type of player we need on our roster.


NFL GM's and Kyle Pitts haters value speed more than any other trait. An NFL player can not rely solely on speed to succeed in this league. NFL players are much quicker than college players. Outrunning a college CB and outrunning Jalen Ramsey are very different. Smith may be able to outrun every CB in college football, but that will change when he gets to the NFL.

DeVonta Smith's size is not going to help him in the NFL. NFL players are going to be just as quick as him. Add in their size and speed, it will help minimize his big plays. He will start to rely more on his speed, and when a player does that it does not correlate to success; just ask John Ross III.

When compared to the top TE's in the NFL, Pitts' projected 40 time is right in the middle of the top TE's in the NFL. The players listed below at times are not even viewed as TE's, simply because they have better receiving numbers than most receivers.

In the eyes of fantasy football owners, these four players put up numbers as good as receivers in fantasy. Pitts' 40 time is right in the middle of this elite group. To say he is not quick for his size, is simply not correct. He is quick for his size and that will prove to be a huge asset for him.

"Kyle Pitts is just another TE"

The narrative that Kyle Pitts is just another TE is simply incorrect. If he were listed as a wide receiver I guarantee no one would argue. All of his snaps were not as a receiver, however when he is lined up as a receiver or when he is a blocker, he becomes an instant impact on the field.

This is the type of play of an elite player. Disguised as a blocker, when he becomes a receiver, Missouri recognizes the matchup. Once they attempt to stop Pitts it is too late because they realize they left a wide open receiver on the opposite side of the field.

Kyle Trask was a very mediocre QB last season. He should thank Pitts for helping him become a finalist for the Heisman trophy. Kyle Pitts was able to take Trask's terrible passes and turn them into big plays. To quote Marc Zumoff, "he turns garbage into gold."

Check this play out. Ball is thrown over his head and his giant wing span helps him snag the ball down and get a 10 yard gain. He took an incomplete pass and turned into a first down.

Final Thoughts

I am not saying that DeVonta Smith is going to be a bust. I do feel he will have a solid NFL career. However, Kyle Pitts is going to have a much better career. The Eagles pick at 6 is super important. We need to take the best player available. We have a million different holes we need to fill. We will not solve all the issues with one draft pick. Take the best player that will help our team.

The NFL is all about match-ups. Where is the mismatch that an offense can take advantage of. The average 40 time for a LB in the 2020 NFL Combine was 4.64. Pitts is to quick for a LB. If he is disguised as a blocker, a LB will not be able to keep up with his speed. The average height for a CB is 5'11. Any 1 on 1 matchup, Pitts will have the leg up. He catches the ball with such ease and with his size a 1 on 1 matchup is going to lean towards him.

The other narrative I heard constantly is we have Dallas Goedert. In 3 seasons he has played all 16 games once. With Zach Ertz almost certainly going to be playing else where in 2021, we need to find a new TE. Nick Sirianni used two TE's in his offensive scheme with the Colts and he can do the same with the Eagles.

The Eagles need to take the best player available at 6. Kyle Pitts is going to be the best player available when the Eagles pick. Everyone wants the Eagles to take a WR at 6, but an incredible receiver is right in front of our eyes and no one wants to talk about him bc the letters "TE" are next to his name. Don't be fooled, Kyle Pitts is an elite playmaker and will make NFL defense scared for many many years. Get on the Kyle Pitts hype train now while you can.

As always Go Birds!


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