Grading the Game: Week 12 @NYG

By Chip Keagy, AATSN Co-Host

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The NFC East was primed for the taking. The Philadelphia Eagles had done enough in their first few games and had seemingly turned the corner. Jalen Hurts was beginning to silence the critics, Nick Sirianni was starting to show flashes of good coaching. And then the New York Giants happened. The game after Thanksgiving showed all the makings of a turkey hangover. Here's the official gradebook from a lifeless loss to the G-men.

Coaching Staff: D+

The very best thing to do when going up against the 22nd ranked rush defense and you have a dominant rushing to pass the ball over 30 times. Sirianni lost Jordan Howard and somehow forgot that his rushing attack was what has been working. EVEN WITH THAT, the team rushed for over 200 yards. Miles Sanders did not touch the ball enough (and was injured in the 4th quarter). Kenny Gainwell touched the ball 3x and was the team's leading receiver. Devonta Smith and Dallas Goedert were total afterthoughts. This game plan was much more reminiscent of the first few weeks of the season when the offense was in a complete stall. And yet STILL the Eagles were in position to win the game at the end (hence the non failing grade).

Defensively, when you hold a professional football team to 13 points, you are supposed to win the game. Gannon's defense was successful in stopping the run, slowed down a good tight end, but allowed Daniel Jones to game manage the Giants to a win. Daniel Jones looked much better than he is and was able to pick apart a defense that is normally better than this.

Quarterback: F

Jalen Hurts was terrible yesterday. 3 interceptions and each of them was 1) the incorrect read, 2) way underthrown, and 3) thrown into double coverage. He didn't have it. Hurts was back to the first read Quarterback that was not successful in the first few weeks of the season. His vision wasn't there yesterday. AND STILL they were in position to win the game. His two throws at the end of the game (the throws) were spot on perfect. Jalen Hurts reopened the conversation that he might not be the guy. He certainly wasn't the guy yesterday.

Running Backs: F

Jordan Howard missed the game due to injury and this team forgot their identity. Miles Sanders carried the ball 9 times before leaving the game with an injury (availability and durability are equally important). Gainwell was the team's leading receiver with 3 catches for 30+ yards. Boston Scott had a touchdown pulled off the board but was ok overall (15 carries for 64 yards for a 4.3 average) but the fumble was an absolute back breaker. I'm not sure if Sirianni gave up on the run game because of ineffectiveness or if the run game was ineffective due to lack of plays called. Either way, the group that has carried this team to victory the last few weeks was not able to run on one of the worst rushing defenses in football.