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Eagles 2023 Schedule: Toughest in the NFL?

Now that we know the Eagles are NFC East Champions, we can accurately lay out the full list of teams on the Eagles 2023 schedule. No, we won’t know exactly when the games will be played, but we will have an idea where they will be played at.

To be the best…

We all know the Eagles had one of the easier schedules in the NFL the last two seasons. But that ends in 2023. After finishing at the top of the NFL standings this season, the Eagles now have a target on their back, and the NFL schedule-makers have them in their sites.

At first glance, the Eagles look to have one of the NFL’s most challenging schedules in 2023. They will be facing six playoff teams at Lincoln Financial Field and approximately five playoff teams on the road.

Another thing to point out is the level of talent they will have to face at quarterback next season. Unfortunately, they will have to face the NFL’s top 2 QBs, Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen.

Eagles 2023 Home Games

  1. Dallas Cowboys

  2. New York Giants

  3. Washington Commanders

  4. Arizona Cardinals

  5. San Francisco 49ers

  6. Buffalo Bills

  7. Miami Dolphins

  8. Minnesota Vikings

Eagles 2023 Road Games

  1. Dallas Cowboys

  2. New York Giants

  3. Washington Commanders

  4. Los Angeles Rams

  5. Seattle Seahawks

  6. New England Patriots

  7. New York Jets

  8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  9. Kansas City Chiefs

(The official 2023 NFL schedule has not been released. Opponents & Home/Away Locations could change)

As the 2022 NFC East Champions, the Eagles will be facing the first-place finishers from the AFC West (Chiefs), the NFC South (Buccaneers), and the NFC North (Vikings).

It’s also important to remember that each team gets an extra game due to the new 17-game schedule. This past season that extra game was played at home, so next season it will be plated on the road.

Should we be concerned?

Although the Birds will have to face one of the toughest schedules in 2023, there’s no reason to panic. This Philadelphia Eagles team has proved they are a legit Super Bowl contender this season and have a roster stacked with talent for the next few years.

Howie Roseman not only set up the Eagles to win this season but many seasons to come. Even though the Birds may not finish with a 14-3 record again, I believe they will still be the best team in the division next season, and by a lot.

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