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Eagles 2022 Draft Strategy: Do's and Don'ts

The 2022 NFL Draft is very important for the Eagles. This draft will determine if this will be a long rebuild or if we can contend for the division in 2022. The Eagles have a lot of talent, but they have zero depth. When someone goes down, the talent is not replaced. With 3 first round draft picks, the Eagles can make a serious impact on the roster.

There is a lot of talk of which direction the Eagles should go in this draft. Some people want Jalen Hurts gone and some people want him here. There are so many different options. Here are my do's and don'ts for the 2022 NFL Draft for the Eagles.

DO focus on the defense in the first round

The Eagles have a lot of holes on defense and this draft is heavy on defense. The Eagles can make a serious impact on defense. With 2 picks maybe in the top 10, the Eagles can get multiple defensive guys to lock down the defense. There are so many day 1 starters that will be available in the first round. Get a defensive playmaker and shut Dak Prescott down twice a year.

DON'T draft Jalen Hurts' replacement

Jalen Hurts is the future QB of the Eagles. Yes he has struggled at times, but he is in his first full season as the starter with a rookie head coach. There is going to be some growing pains with Jalen. However, he has show many (and I mean many) signs of promise this season. He constantly makes great throws and bails himself out of bad situations with his legs. On top of being the future of the franchise, there is not one QB in this class that is better than him. No reason why the Eagles should replacement Jalen with someone worse especially when there are other holes.

DO draft another WR early

I hate to draft a WR in the first round in 3 straight years, but Jalen Reagor is not cutting it. He is not a future starting WR in the NFL let alone the Eagles. DeVonta Smith is going to be an elite talent for the Eagles. However, you need multiple WR's in an offense. This draft has a ton of talent at that position. All of whom will be available in the mid first round. The Eagles have been bad at this position for a long time, now is a chance to solidify this position for the first time in a decade.

DON"T let Howie Roseman try and outsmart people

This is simple. Howie Roseman needs to play is safe. The Eagles can guarantee a very short rebuild as long as Howie is not dumb. We do not want another repeat of passing on a guy like Justin Jefferson.

DON"T trade any of the first round picks

Please just keep the 3 draft picks instead of trading up. This goes back to Howie trying to outsmart people. I would much rather have 3 playmakers then one. I am also not okay with trading a pick for a pick in 2023. We don't know what will happen, but we can control our destiny now.

DO draft a CB in the first round that is projected to go in the first

This is a combo of a few things. Focus on defense and do not outsmart people. This CB class is loaded. There can be 2nd round picks that are better than every player on the Eagles minus Darius Slay. The Eagles need to take one in the first round to play opposite of Slay. To make it clearer, take one of the elite guys who is projected in the first. You can't go wrong with one of them.

DO enjoy that we are not the Jets, Giants, Lions, Jaguars, or Texans

This is self explanatory. Thank god we have a future and our permanent home is not in the top ten. Even though it is hard to see the Eagles with so many holes, remember it could be worse. The NFL Draft is fun, but at least it is not our Super Bowl like these teams.


If the Eagles can stick to this strategy they can compete for the division in 2022. I played Madden Franchise mode with the Eagles and did such that. Since I was so successful in that video game, I am assuming it would work in real life.

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