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AATBirds' NFL Pick Em' Week 2!

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Week 1 is behind us and now it's onto Week 2 in the NFL! Our All About the Bird Hosts each week give you there selections on who they think will come on top each week! After week 1, Jeff took an early lead over John and Phil at 10-6. John finished 9-7 with Phil still going .500 at 8-8! In the Ulecka Locks, Jeff and John are tied at 2-1 with Phil going 1-2. All think the Eagles will pull through this week to improve to 1-1. See the rest of their selections below!

Ulecka Locks-Week 2!


-Chiefs -8.5 over Chargers

-Steelers -6 Over Broncos

-49ers- -7 over Jets


-Bills -5.5 over Dolphins -Saints -6.5 over Raiders

-Falcons +5.5 over Dallas


-Bills -5.5 over Dolphins

-Chiefs -8.5 over Chargers

-Cardinals -6.5 over Washington

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