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AATBird's Writer's Panel: Eagle's 2020 Season Preview

Here at All About The Birds we have a ton of writers covering the NFL, always weighing in on topics that matter to them the most! This week with the NFL regular season set to begin via Thursday Night Football with the Kansas City Chiefs hosting the Houston Texans, we decided to finally give our season predictions for the Philadelphia Eagles. We will predict the Eagle's record, MVP, DPOY, ROY, division finish and if they are ready to contend with the best of the league! I'll start:

Scotty Pierre

Record: The Eagles will finish with a 10-6 record and it won't come easy as they have one of the hardest backend schedules in the league. Injuries as always will play a huge part in the outcome of this season.

MVP: Carson Wentz is my easy choice this year with Miles Sanders coming close in second place. Wentz will be playing with one of the most talented group of skill position players possibly in his career. Sanders will have a great season that will most likely help Wentz gather the MVP title as he is a wonderful receiving back.

ROY: As long as Jalen Reagor can stay healthy after he returns from a dislocated shoulder he should run away with this one. The Eagles are going to try to get the first round as involved as they can in offense and he will likely be an explosive returner in special teams.

DPOY: Fletcher Cox is playing beside the two best defensive tackles placed beside him in his career in Malik Jackson and Javon Hargrave. This will likely take attention away from Cox and we should see that DPOY candidate that we've always known the Eagles have. Cox will also benefit with more time to get to the QB with an improved secondary.

Contenders?:The Cowboys look better on paper but that's been the case the last three seasons. Eagles will win the division for the second year in a row for the first time since they did in 2003 & 2004. Eagles could make some serious noise in the playoffs this year if they can just stay healthy. That's a big "if" when referring to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Carson Wentz Stat-line: 4,400 Passing yards, 30 Passing TDs, 7 INTs, 63% Completion percentage, and a 102.00 QBR.


Johnny U

Season Record: 10-6, I've wavered on the record but I feel the Eagles will start the years 3-0 and finish the year 7-6 to finish 10-6. The Eagles will win the division where Dallas Cowboys will have the same record but Philly wins head-to-heads.

MVP: Carson Wentz, he finally has some weapons on offense (if they stay healthy) to put up similar numbers to those of 2017.

ROY: Jalen Reagor will be the rookie of the year in 2020, he will be featured in the offense while also returning punts. He may even threaten Miles Sanders rookie all-purpose yards mark set last season.

DPOY: My defensive player of the year is Brandon Graham, he is fully healthy and with the DL stacked with talent he will flourish. I'm predicting he has 10+ sacks in 2020 and makes his first pro-bowl as a pro!

Contenders?: I think they have a chance to make noise in the NFC but it is a loaded conference and health is already a big question mark.

Carson Wentz Stat-line: 4,500 Passing Yards, 35 Passing TDs, 11 INTs


Sam Steiner

Season Record: 10-6, Eagles will get off to a good start at 6-2 with a weaker first half schedule. In the second half, facing a tough schedule, Eagles will hold ground to finish 10-6.

MVP: Carson Wentz, he will put up similar numbers to 2017 in which he was an MVP candidate. He will lead the Eagles to back to back NFC East titles.

ROY: Jalen Reagor, he will have a good rookie year tallying up over 600 receiving yards.

DPOY: Fletcher Cox will have a bounce back season to anchor the defense after a down year in 2019.

Contenders?: Eagles will win NFC East with 10-6 record. Eagles will win a playoff game at home in the wildcard round, Wentz earning his first playoff win of his career. Season ends on the road a week later in the divisional round.

Carson Wentz Stat-line: 4,200 Passing Yards, 32 Passing TDs, and 8 INTs


Joshua McNutt

Season Record: 11-5, the division will be won with sweeps of the New York Giants and the Washington Football Team. Unfortunately the Eagles will fall short to the traditional powerhouses like the Seahawks and Saints.

MVP: Carson Wentz will recapture his 2017 magic with a new breadth of weapons.

ROY: Jalen Reagor, opportunity meets talent. Finally a young explosive receiver who will gain Carson's trust. He will finish with 700+ receiving yards and 5 total touchdowns.

DPOY: Fletcher Cox with the additions of Javon Hargrave and Malik Jackson on the defensive line will wreak havoc now that he can't be double-teamed every snap.

Contenders?: Almost. They will finish 1st in the NFC East and 3rd in the NFC but will lose in the Conference Championship round on the road to the San Francisco 49ers. Carson will win his first playoff game and the injury narrative will subside.

Carson Wentz Stat-line: 4,837 Passing Yards, 38 Passing TDs, and10 INTs


George Theodossis

Season Record: The Eagles will go 11-5 losing games to the Steelers, Cowboys, Seahawks, Saints, and Cardinals. Surprisingly I think we beat 49ers and the Ravens because we match up well and can stop the run.

MVP: Carson Wentz will make another run at League MVP so naturally he will be the Eagle's MVP.

ROY: Jalen Reagor will run away with rookie of the year.

DPOY: Will Parks will come back off of injury to become the Eagle's defensive player of the year as a versatile weapon for Jim Schwartz.

Contenders?: The Eagles will win the division and progress as far as the Conference Championship game where they will lose to the New Orleans Saints.

Carson Wentz Stat-line: 5,100 Passing Yards, 34 Passing TDs, and 9 INTs


Max Derringer

Season Record: 9-7, the Eagles have a tough schedule and have a troubling history with injuries in recent seasons. The Eagles winning 10 or more games would be highly impressive.

MVP: Wentz could easily be the Eagles MVP, but if Miles Sanders stays healthy he has the potential to have the best season from an Eagles running back since LeSean McCoy. Sanders is a threat in the running and receiving game as well which adds to his value to the Eagles.

ROY: Jalen Reagor, once Reagor returns from injury he should be one of Carson Wentz’ favorite targets. Reports from training camp say the two have a strong connection already.

DPOY: Darius Slay has the potential to be the Eagles first true #1 CB since Asante Samuel. If Slay can play as well as he did in Detroit then the Eagles will have a steal on their hands.

Contenders?: Unfortunately there has not been a repeat NFC division winner since the 2003 and 2004 Eagles. The Cowboys are projected to be the division winner as they have a more complete team, but the same could be said for last season too. The Eagles can certainly be a contender this season if they remain injury free from this point on. The Eagles have the talent to contend with most teams and a coaching staff who knows how to get their team to achieve more than the sum of their parts.

Carson Wentz Stat-line: 4100 Passing Yards, 28 Passing TDs, and 9 INTs. If Wentz can enjoy a season with a healthy receiving core then he has the potential to exceed these numbers. Factoring in injuries in the equation, Wentz could achieve a stat line similar to the one above.



Everyone on this panel has the Philadelphia Eagles making the playoffs this season while still keeping expectations realistic. No Super Bowl picks but all believe the Birds can compete with anyone in the NFC. Either way, right or wrong, buckle your seatbelts because the NFL is back!


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