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What is the biggest issue that is holding the Eagles back?

The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off a division loss to the New York Giants on Sunday in Newark. The Eagles are off to a 3-5-1 for the first time since 1933, and that was the inaugural season when the Birds switched from the Frankfurt Yellow Jackets and became the Philadelphia Eagles. On Sunday, the Birds biggest struggles were on the defensive side of the ball and could not get Daniel Jones and the Giants off the field. The Eagles also struggled offensively as Carson Wentz was 21/37 for 208 yards and did not throw any touchdown passes, however he did not throw any interceptions.

Head Coach Doug Pederson has made his business ever since he became the Eagles head coach to be the offensive play-caller. When he served as offensive coordinator in Kansas City for three seasons under Andy Reid, I guess he would not have trusted anyone else to run his offense. In 2016 when Pederson came to Philadelphia, Frank Reich just had the title as offensive coordinator. Still, it seems like when he was in Philadelphia, Carson Wentz played more productive before Wentz knee injury in 2017 during the Eagles Super Bowl run.

After the Super Bowl and when Carson Wentz returned after his knee surgeries when it became Wentz team again when Nick Foles moved on, things just never looked the same with him. Ever since Wentz has become the starter again, he has dealt with significant criticism from the Eagles fans. However, it still seems like Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman remains committed to him as the Eagles franchise quarterback.

When it comes to someone holding the Eagles back from a second consecutive NFC East Championship, I think it is Head Coach Doug Pederson. I am not a Doug Pederson hater because this can easily be fixed because he can easily promote someone to offensive coordinator like Press Taylor, who is currently the quarterback's coach and passing game coordinator, and see how it works out. I am very grateful to Pederson because he coached the Eagles to the 2017 Super Bowl, but at the moment, he is holding them back when there is too much talent around the organization.

If Pederson does take responsibility for this season's failures, I don't think changes would be made overnight. I think he will play it by ear, and to be honest, Howie Roseman has played a part in the miscues as well, but he is not the one on trial at the moment. Howie Roseman made many risky decisions in the offseason and had Zach Ertz being unsatisfied with his contract during the current season before his injury. However, Roseman has not always been a fan favorite in Philadelphia, so I had to add him to the list of people in the front office who might need to go.

If things do get better on the football field and the Eagles continue to struggle, who needs to go? Will it be Pederson, Wentz, Schwartz, or Howie Roseman? I think Howie Roseman has held the Eagles back for years, but he did take that risk back in 2016 to let go of Sam Bradford after they drafted Carson Wentz and made him the starting quarterback. In all honesty, this is a good question, but hopefully, will we find out soon?

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