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Week 10 Position Grades: PHIvsNYG

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I have been one of Carson Wentz's biggest critics this season but there is something that became exceptionally clear today: Carson Wentz is not the problem with this football team. In a game where Carson did not turn the ball over once, didn't play hero ball and force anything, and genuinely controlled the field, the Eagles laid an absolute dud of an effort. The coaching staff of the Philadelphia Eagles did not prepare during the bye week to be competitive and it showed. It is taking me more of an effort to write this article than it did for the Eagles to take the field today. Here are the grades for each of the positions of the Philadelphia Eagles:

Coaches: F

This team had NO FIRE. They were 0-9 on 3rd down. They were called for 10 penalties. No turnovers and no takeaways. Forcing Jalen Hurts onto the field when Carson was finally getting some rhythm only to have him run the exact same play he always does. Going for 2 points after every touchdown. It is just not excusable anymore.

This Giants offense was ranked 31st in the NFL and they put up 27 points.!! 31st! The Giants did absolutely nothing different than they did a few weeks ago when we played them. Yet they still had the same level of success against the Eagles defense. This coaching staff needs to be seriously evaluated. Not based on whether or not this Eagles team makes the playoffs THIS year, but if the Eagles can be competitive in the NFC every year.

For one of the rare times, this loss falls DIRECTLY on the shoulders of the coaching staff.

QBs: C

Carson did not do anything to hurt the team and didn't do anything to help the team. He threw for 208 yards and had his fair share of bad over/under throws. He held the ball too long at some points and made occasional things happen. He did not do anything extra-ordinary. Carson Wentz today was neither to blame or acclaim for the game today.

The Jalen Hurts experiment is useless. He is being brought in to run the option. The entire NFL has figured it out. Stop it until he is ready to lead an NFL team for a full 4 quarters.

RBs: B+

Without the running backs, this game is an abomination. This group had a combined 19 carries for 153 yards and both TDs. But they missed many blitzes (especially when it involved a safety off the edge) and Miles Sanders had a really bad drop. This group was the best on the offense but still didn't do enough to help this team win.

WRs: D+

9 combined catches for 94 yards. 2 false start penalties ON WIDE RECEIVERS. This group was not aggressive. They were not in position to make the catches and they didn't do anything to give Carson a chance to get them the ball. Alshon was a non factor (1 target) but it was good to see him out there again. This group HAS to contribute more. The leading receiver for the team shouldn't be the TE2.

TEs: C+

8 for 93 between Goedert and Rodgers. Rodgers is playing pretty well. Nothing exceptional but overly consistent. This group is supposed to be one of the strengths of the team. And it was today. But that's not saying much because this offense played really badly.

OL: D-

Kelce couldn't snap today for some reason. Started with that. Pryor and Opeta shouldn't have been on the field over Herbig and Driscoll. The tackles played well. This group helped the rushing attack. But overall the group needs to be way better.


First play of the game was a sack. Thats fantastic. It was all downhill after that once the NY offense began running the ball. There was nothing this group could do to stop Gallman or Morris. The first TD was solely on the shoulders of Josh Sweat for getting beat. The DEs have zero contain responsibility and that is the first thing you learn when playing peewee football as a DE.


Were they even on the field today? Outside of TJ Edwards playing decent, this group were a bunch of ghosts out there. Nobody did anything to help this team win. Once Jones got to the second level, he was not brought down by a linebacker.

Secondary: D

RNC was terrible and got beat on balls just lobbed up. Maddox was terrible and got beat on balls just lobbed up. Slay did what he could. McCleod did what he could but didn't have a great game. Jalen Mills didn't have a great game. LeBlanc had one big hit. RNC dropped an INT. This group didn't allow a passing TD but they did allow Daniel Jones to throw for over 240 yards.

Special Teams: C

Allowing punts to bounce over and over again is bad. Allowing bigger returns on punts is not ok. The fact that Doug doesn't seem to trust Elliot is a problem. The best parts of this group were Cameron Johnston and Rudy Ford. Even the special teams were a non-factor today.


Making the playoffs is another way that this team will not move forward. As a fan, I want to win the Super Bowl every year. As a realistic person, I think making the playoffs hurts this team more than it helps them this season. Doug and Jim Schwartz need to come under fire and if the Eagles squeak into the playoffs by winning the NFC Least, they will not be fairly evaluated.

Accountability is biggest issue with this team right now.

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