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Tomorrow’s Win or Loss Holds Big Implications

Does it feel like this season is bubbling up to this moment? This year has been a puzzling one: another couple doses of reality sets in since the Super Bowl as we’re beginning to reach a precipice for the Birds this season.

Since the magical 2017 season, the Eagles have remained statistically mediocre. 2018 and 2019, the Eagles clawed their way to the playoffs at 9-7. There’s lots to attribute to each of those seasons and fans alike have spent a nauseating amount of time assigning the blame to those most deserving.

That brings us to now: statistically worse than mediocre at 1-4-1 in a statistically worse than usual NFC East. Traditionally, this is the time for the thoughts of saying to cut bait, develop the young guns, prepare for the things to come, right? Yes and no.

With the “supposed winner” underperforming, injury-riddled Cowboys starting to implode, it becomes probable this division could be won with less than seven wins. The Eagles are a half game behind them and winning or losing tomorrow against the Giants will be the catalyst for what comes next.

The three-headed regime in Roseman, Pederson, and Schwartz has seen the playoffs 3 out of 4 seasons together. As blame continues to spiral for the current state of the team, positives are also bleeding through the cracks. A win or loss tomorrow will set the wheels in motion for how they are perceived at the end of the season.

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