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Three Outfielders the Phillies Should Sign

After taking a look at the Phillies depth chart, it is obvious that there is a group that needs a lot more help than the others. While some could argue that the bullpen or even the shortstop needs help, the outfield depth of the Phillies organization is absolutely horrendous. At the moment, they have got Matt Vierling starting in both left and center field, along with him being the backup in right field as well. Obviously, the team cannot go into the season with one single player playing two positions (even though it would seem like something the Phillies would try to do). Therefore, I would like to provide Phillies President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowkski, with some names he could look at too bolster and improve the outfield depth on the team team.

1. LF Kyle Schwarber

The first name on the list to help fix the Phillies outfield is a name that Phillies fans heard often before the lockout began on December 1st. As seen above, this is former National and Red Sox, Kyle Schwarber. Schwarber to the Phillies just makes too much sense for the team not to make a move. The left hander could bat lead off for the team, and he could also provide some much needed lineup support to National League MVP Bryce Harper. Another reason that the player has been so closely linked to the Phillies has to do with the team’s new hitting coach, Kevin Long. Long worked with Schwarber when they were both with the Washington Nationals, and the hitting coach felt that Schwarber would fit his new team, saying “I do think that he would fit the Phillies.” Now, John Middleton will have to pay a good amount of money to land the LF, as Schwarber’s market has been thought to be around three years for $60 million.

2. Michael Conforto

If the Phillies are looking for a cheaper option to fill the left field position than Kyle Schwarber, the former New York Met Michael Conforto could be the guy to take the spot. Yes, Conforto did in fact have a down year in 2021, but this is a player who could be a sneaky good addition to the Phillies. Conforto is a lefty, which the Phillies have been looking to add in their lineup for a good amount of time. Currently, the team’s only left handed batters are Bryce Harper and Didi Gregorius. In addition to batting left-handed, Conforto has a powerful bat, which could slide in beautifully in the middle of the lineup. A final thing that I enjoy about Michael Conforto is the fact that he is a solid defender, in addition to his solid bat. Conforto would be a good addition to a Phillies team who is looking for a left fielder, and he is one that would and should be cheaper than names such as Kyle Schwarber, Nick Castellanos, and others.

3. Kris Bryant

While the two previous options listed were players to fill the left field hole, this next player is someone to fill the center field hole. For center field, the Phillies should look at former Chicago Cub and San Francisco Giant, Kris Bryant. Botb Bryant and Harper are good friends, so making the league MVP even more happy to be in Philadelphia just makes sense. But besides making Bryce happy, Bryant to the Phillies makes a whole lot of sense. To start off, Bryant can play anywhere in the outfield if the Phillies need him to. Yes, I would personally play him as a CF, but if needed, he could play in either left or right. Also, Kris Bryant can play the third base position if the Phillies needed him to. Bryant played primarily third base in his time in the MLB, so if the Phillies want to give Bohm a rest, Bryant could slide right in. Bryant to the Phillies is something that Phillies fans have been waiting for, and it makes perfect sense if Dave Dombrowksi was to get it done once the lockout ended.


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