The Wide Receiver Factory???

It is something Eagles fans are just not used to. But the reports coming out of camp are that the wide receivers are looking really, really, good. Yes, there have not even been preseason games and yes, having great practices does not guarantee performance when the season starts but we have to embrace positive news whenever we get the chance these days.

The recent history of the Philadelphia Eagles with regards to wide receivers has been dreadful to put it mildly. Since selecting Desean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin in the 2008 and 2009 drafts respectively the Eagles have had a string of picks at the position that have not been good enough to be kept past their rookie contracts. The sole exception to this…Riley Cooper! Cooper, drafted in 2010, was the last wide receiver to have been extended by the team past their rookie contract.

So as the front office created a conveyor belt of players at receiver of which none were kept and the wide receiver coaching position became a revolving door, the Eagles ability to draft and develop at the position has became a joke around the NFL.

Last season out of necessity, as the injuries began to pile, the coaches had to reach deep into the practice squad to be able to field a team. Those players in turn played well beyond expectations to help Carson Wentz lead a decimated team to the playoffs. In the 2020 draft, Howie Roseman picked speedy receiver, after speedy receiver in what looked like a strategy of playing the odds that at least one would be a good pick.

In what feels to be an alternate universe, reports from training camp are giving the impression that Roseman may have struck gold multiple times and to add to surreal the vibe, some of the non-household name players that finished last year have picked up where they left off:

DeSean Jackson

No intro needed. WHEN healthy, he can terrorize defences with his speed and change the course of a game in one play. According to multiple reports, his speed is still there, he looks good and his connection with Wentz is still strong.

Jalen Reagor

Early feedback was promising. But as camp progressed the reports just kept coming. Reagor has clocked one good practice after another. Great hands, great speed; he appears to be everything Eagles fans have hoped for. If the plan is to get him into open space as often as possible then he is should be a really fun player to watch this year. Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote that "at this point, it would be a shock if Reagor does not have a significant role in the offence" .

J.J. Arcega-Whiteside

Yes, we have been here before. JJA