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The Puppet Coach's Press Conference

As I sat down for my lunch break, I was excited to hear how new Eagles coach Nick Sirianni would present himself. After all, in a laid back interview with Dave Spadaro, I had a bit of optimism, based on some of Nick Sirianni’s responses. I will admit, although he did not come off like “Stammering Doug”, he was far from a smooth speaker. I was instantly disappointed in that regard! He did not sound anything like the “new wave” young coaches we see and hear around the NFL, from McVay to Kingsbury; that means something to me. Perhaps I’m a snob, but I like articulate leaders. We all know Spadaro is an extension to the Eagle's PR department, so softballs were put on the TEE for Sirianni, and my enthusiasm was tempered until I heard the “real deal”, with the Philadelphia press corp frothing at the mouth, and millions listening. Did we hear this question from Spadaro, “Why wouldn’t you at least hire a seasoned coordinator to assist you in your first head coaching position?” “ After all, Andy Reid hired Jim Johnson!” “Why not Lovie Smith or Jim Caldwell Nick?” Did you really expect such questions? That is why the Spadaro interview held little weight for me.

Unfortunately, I heard a 20 minute, sesquipedalian rant, from our clueless owner! I was literally yelling shut up at my laptop multiple times, with colleagues asking me if everything was ok! It was not ok, I heard the word "process" mentioned more times in this 20 minute sermon, than in the Sam Hinkie years with the Sixers!

wishful thinking!

Finally, our new coach was introduced! Did he sound enthusiastic? -Yes. Did he come off as competent? -No! The best analogy I could give...he is that new teacher, that rambunctious high school students want to test. Can I shoot a spitball at him, can I fling a paper clip his way with a rubber band? How will he react? Based on this press conference, I think Miles Sanders will feel quite confident kicking his feet up, and checking his Instagram page during team meetings.

He started off thanking the Eagles brass, and exalting the Eagles as a great organization. He even mentioned the wonderful roster assembled by Howie Roseman. I mentally checked out from that point on, and realized we have a problem on our hands! He rambled about a smart football team, his coaches who are teachers, of simplicity in play calling, babbling about having systems in place, and other coaching mumbo jumbo. None of which gave me any confidence he wasn’t memorizing a “Press Conference for Dummies" script! A script he clearly struggled to articulate!

more wishful thinking!

He thanked all the coaches he worked with, in particular his mentor Frank Reich. He listed countless players as well in his long winded introduction. Of course, mom, and dad were mentioned as well. The bottom line, I half expected him to yell out, “Can you believe they hired me!” “I’m so lucky!”

Then the questions started to come...50 ways to ask... who our damn QB will be? Of course, “We have to evaluate, too early to say?” I thought Howie assembled a great roster? What is it you have to evaluate? Why did you hire Jonathan Gannon as your DC? “He is a brilliant football mind, and it was like a 3 year interview, since I worked with him.” Who will be in charge of the roster? His answer, “Howie will be in charge of the 53 man roster, and I think I’ll be in charge of the 48 on game day?” "You think!” Howie in charge!

As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to hear our version of a confident, articulate, Sean McVay, Kyle Shannahan, or Kliff Kingsbury. Instead I heard a young Doug Pederson, without the Louisiana drawl.

A fan can dream!

Truthfully, the skepticism I had during the Spadaro interview flipped to full blown anxiety with the presser today; I find myself calling BS to the fact he blew away the organization when they met! You cannot tell me that others did not interview well, after we all heard Sirianni speak today! Call it nerves, call it inexperience, but I call it calculated-They found someone they could control and manipulate.

My early impression is...we clearly have a yes man, a puppet, who appears in over his head! I always love to eat crow when it comes to my favorite team! Please prove me wrong Nick, and I’ll serve it up with barbecue sauce!

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