The Backdoor Cover - Masters Edition

By: Josh Gamble

*All odds are current as of Tuesday evening*

Will the pimento cheese sandwiches taste as good at home as they do on the course? Are the azaleas in bloom on the course? Will Jordan Spieth hit the ball in the water on 12? These are some of the questions I am asking myself as we prepare for The Masters in November. Yes, I said November. Whether or not the course plays any different remains to be seen, but we are going to toss some bets down on it anyway.

Now before I get into who I like this weekend, let’s first take a dive into how I approach betting any golf tournament. Betting on golf can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of players to look at. I have always felt that it help my breaking the players down into tiers and going from there. Here is how I break down the players into subsections based on gambling odds:

· Tier 1: Odds at +100 to +2000

· Tier 2: Odds at +2100 to +5000

· Tier 3: Odds at +5100 to +8000

· Tier 4: Odds at 8100+

I usually like to narrow each tier down to 2-4 guys that I like in that tier. From there, I look at who I think will play well based on a number of factors and who I think has value. Just because you picked 4 guys from each tier does not mean that you have to bet each of those guys. Who you bet on will come down to personal preference and comfort level. Some bettors won’t touch the long shots while others want no part of the favorites. Personally, I like to spread my money around relatively evenly throughout the tiers. I will allocate about 60% of my available funds for the tournament on outright winners. Now that you know my overall philosophy, let’s take a look at who I like this week.

Tier 1 (Odds at +100 to +2000)

Jon Rahm (+1000) – First off, he is the second ranked player in the world so this is not really going out on a limb. He has had success at Augusta in recent years going T9 and 4th the last two years. Jon Rahm’s biggest problem has always been his head. He tends to go off the rails when things start to go awry. If he can keep his head on straight, I like him to win this week.

Xander Schauffele (+1600) – Xander Schauffele is the type of guy who always plays up for the big ones. Anyone not giving him at least a look this week is foolish in my opinion. He tied for 50th in his first trip to The Masters and followed that up last year with a T2.

Tier 2 (Odds at +2100 to +5000)

Bubba Watson (+3000) – People that know me know that I love Bubba Watson, but I promi