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Stanford Cardinals Pro Day Media Recap

The Stanford Cardinals finished up their pro day on Thursday, and All About the Birds had the opportunity to participate in their post-workout interviews.

Let's take a look at some of the key points to each of the Stanford Pro Day interviews

Simi Fehoko WR

Simi is being under looked in a very heavy WR class this year. Fehoko's states his maturity as the reason why he sticks out as a WR in this draft. I know people are probably not thrilled with a response like this, however, this is a very important trait. How many times have we seen a player not be able to find a job because they are too immature? When asked about his play, he credits his size and speed that will make NFL coaches fall in love with him.

Paulson Adebo CB

Adebo opted out of the 2020 season and a lot of the questions asked to him were surrounded by if he actually improved by opting out in 2020. He talked a lot about his training schedule and how he used every day as a new opportunity to get better. He had trouble at times truly explaining how he was able to get better, but was very adamant that he is a better player from opting out in 2020. Some question marks on his press conference. Hard time explaining how opting out benefited him. He spent a lot of time saying he was better but failed to give specific reasons on how he got better. Is it worth the risk to take him if he did not do anything to better himself in 2020?

Davis Miller QB

One of the most untalked-about QBs in this year's draft class. He is projected to be the 7th QB taken in the draft, but he is still not talked about as much as guys who are projected to be drafted after him. One of his weaknesses is his lack of athleticism. When asked about that, he said he can make up for his lack of athleticism with his high QB IQ. His credits his mentor former Stanford great Andrew Luck as someone he has modeled his game after and models how he handles himself on and off the field. Look to this guy on day 3 for someone the Eagles take as a back-up to Jalen Hurts.

Walker Little OT

Here is the player I was super excited to hear from. In 2019 during the first game of the season, Little suffered a season ending injury. He opted out in 2020. The lack of film on Little has not helped his draft stock in a very deep OT draft class. He said he has used the time off the field to get bigger and he feels that he is a hidden gem in this draft. Every player says they are the best in their position and Walker is no different. He believes the last two years he worked hard enough to become the best tackle in the draft.

Here at All About The Birds, we focus a lot on the Eagles. There is no hiding the Eagles have a mix of veteran offensive line members like Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson, and they have a lot of young inexperienced players. The Eagles will be addressing the offensive line in this draft, and Little could be a player on the Eagles radar. When asked if he has been in contact with the Eagles and what it would mean to be mentored by veterans like Kelce and Johnson, Little responded with this;

He responded to this question perfectly! He recognizes the success the Eagles have had at offensive line and who the leaders of that unit have been. I am not saying Little is going to be a perfect prospect, but he can live up to the moment.

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