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Recap and takeaways from the Eagles loss to the Browns.

The Philadelphia Eagles fell to 3-6-1 on Sunday after they lost on the road to the Cleveland Browns. It was typical weather for an NFL game in Cleveland, Ohio, with cold rain and 30-degree temperatures. The Eagles kicked off to the Browns, and on the first drive, the Eagles defense held the Browns, and it looked things were looking good for the Birds on the first offensive drive. Momentum would change for the rest of the day as Miles Sanders would fumble in the red zone, and it seemed like that was the turning point for the rest of the game. Carson Wentz also helped get the Browns momentum back after throwing a pick-six and held a 7-0 lead at the half.

Philadelphia continued to struggle in the passing game but seemed to move the ball well on the ground. Baker Mayfield and the Browns also got it done on the grown game, but the Eagles defense really did well, holding the Browns to 22 total points offensively. On the day, Baker Mayfield was 12/22 for 204 yards, but the Birds seemed to struggle to stop Mayfield on his play actions.

Carson Wentz had a really rough day as he was 21/35 for 235 yards and one touchdown pass. Miles Sanders led the Birds in rushing as he ran for 66 yards, and Dallas Goedert led the Eagles in receiving for 77 yards and made two crucial plays in the passing game. There will be critical takeaways listed away from what stood out from all Eagles fans.

One. Is it time for a change at quarterback? I support Carson Wentz, and I have since he was drafted in 2016, but this entire season and especially today was atrocious. I have stood up for him all season, but in his defense, the offensive line is mediocre at best, and yes, he does hold on to the ball for too long, but most of the time, the receivers do not get opened for him. Also, at the same time, Wentz could do the right thing and throw the ball away or try to run with it.

Two. Doug Pederson needs to give up play-calling- Pederson has been in charge of play-calling ever since he was an offensive coordinator for three seasons in Kansas City before he came to Philadelphia. I think Pederson seems like the stubborn type that would not want to give up the play-calling unless Howie Roseman asked him to. If it came down to it, then I think Duce Staley would be my first choice, if not, then Press Taylor because he is currently the quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator.

Three. The defense is not as bad as I thought- Today, the defense was the reason why that the Eagles stayed in the game as long as they did. Also, Baker Mayfield was held to only 204 yards and Nick Chubb to only 114 yards, and the Eagles came very close to pitching a defensive shutout. The only player that scored a touchdown for the Browns, Kareem Hunt, was held to eleven yards.

Four. The Eagles remain in first place in the NFC East in a negative way- The Birds are 2-2 in division play, and the silver lining about his loss was not an NFC East loss. However, the Eagles have key players on injured reserve, and when they get Zach Ertz back, I think he will be a big help.

Five. If Pederson were to bench Carson Wentz, would Jalen Hurts be worth it? I have not seen Hurts be a pocket passer since he was in college, and all I have seen him play in are wildcat plays, so if you bench Wentz, we would fear the unknown. In his post-game press conference, Doug Pederson said that Wentz is our quarterback, and he also said benching him would send a message that the season is over.

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