Position Grades: Loss to Cowboys

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I have been doing these position grade articles all season. The old saying is "A for Effort." This team didn't even give that yesterday. It is almost 24 hours later and I am still fuming.

Coaches: F

Doug scheduled out his first two drives against the worst rush team in the NFL and got two touchdowns out of it. The rest of the game was a joke. He abandoned the run entirely. He went for it on 4th and 15 when in field goal range when it could've been a manageable game. He used the excuse of Jalen Hurts's sore back for the reason why he was ineffective in the game. Most importantly, his preparation for the game this week was clearly pathetic as according to Miles Sanders "We did not focus in all the way. We were not locked in." It is DALLAS. How are you not locked in? That level of disinterest is unacceptable.

Jim Schwartz not removing Michael Jacquett earlier and not adapting to the personnel he had on the field is a whole other inexcusable offense. The coaches deserve to be fired for this game alone.


Hurts threw for over 300 yards and was the teams leading rusher. Had 3 bad turnovers and held the ball way too long. He played like a rookie for the first time.

RBs: D

20 carries combined for 82 yards against a pathetic run defense in Dallas. Run game was not used in the 2nd half so its once again not their fault. But they weren't effective.

WRs: C

11 catches for 244 and a TD. Decent game. But the issue comes to not getting separation quick enough of the line and allowing Jalen Hurts to make the quick reads.

TEs: D

6 catches 71 yards. Couldn't break tackles and Zach Ertz has looked disinterested all season.


6 false starts. Pryor was horrific. Mailata once again struggled. They had chances to push around a defense for Dallas that has set a franchise record for points allowed and they just didn't.