NFL Prop Bets 1.16.21 - Saturday Divisional Round Edition

Are you ready for some more playoff football today?! Of course not, you haven’t read my article yet! Don’t worry though, it won't be long until you know everything you need to know.

Los Angeles (Rams) at Green Bay – 4:35 ET

I don’t know what to say about this one. The question to me was really what over do I want to take for Rodgers or Adams. I will throw you a couple that I like then give you my selection. These are in order from least likely to win to most likely to win (in my opinion not based on odds).

First play - Davante Adams OVER 75.5 Receiving yards -112

I view this as a 50/50 and the stats back that up. He is over 7/14 (50%) with each of his overs being at least 106 receiving yards. They are facing a good defense, but it’s a game they have to win, so Rodgers certainly will be looking his way often. I believe Green Bay’s offense is better than the Rams defense so Adams will end up over 75.5 receiving yards as the Rams can’t just concentrate on taking him away. Although, as I said, this is a coin toss and to lay the -112 you need it to hit 52.8% of the time.

Second play – Aaron Rodgers OVER 1.5 Touchdown Passes -225

In my opinion this one is very likely to happen (if not Green Bay will probably be in trouble) but you have to lay -225 (69.2%) which is a lot to ask. Rodgers has missed this mark just twice all year (14/16 – 87.5% hit rate). The misses occurred in Week 15 when Aaron Jones went wild (20 for 145) and in Week 6 against Tampa Bay in what was just a miserable performance by Green Bay. I do not think it will happen a third time.

My selection - Davante Adams OVER 6.5 Receptions -134

My selection is Davante Adams over 6.5 receptions -134 (57.3%). Adams has been over 6 receptions 10 of his 14 games (71.4%), including 4 of his last 5 (80%). His one miss was Week 17 where he had 6 grabs. I wouldn’t be surprised if Adams started slow as the Rams try to take him away and make Green Bay beat them using someone else but I think Green Bay will do just that, opening things up for Adams.

Above are my three favorite plays for the Rams/Packers game. If you want a surer thing and don’t mind putting down money to get it, I can see taking the Rodgers play over Adams Receptions but for me Adams receptions has better value.

Baltimore at Buffalo – 8:15 ET

I will give you a handful of plays on this game. All happen to be Overs for the Bills and Unders for the Ravens. Word of caution I am cheering for the Bills so this could be my bias coming through.

First play -