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MLB And MLBPA Do Not Agree On CBA Deal, Postponing Opening Day

During the early hours of Tuesday morning, everything seemed to be going well. Major League Baseball and the MLBPA talked more than 16 hours on Monday, and then moved the new deadline to cancel games to 5:00 PM EST. But even with the hope late on Monday night and early Tuesday morning, nothing seemed to happen on Tuesday. Prior to the 5:00 PM deadline, the MLB gave the MLBPA their final offer, and this offer was declined. This caused regular season games to be canceled due to a lockout for the first time since 1995. This was something that fans did not want to hear, but it was also something that should not surprise the fans.

After the announcement that the MLBPA would be rejecting the offer by the MLB, league commissioner Rob Manfred held a press conference in Jupiter, Florida to talk about the lockout and more. During this press conference, the commissioner did officially announce that there will be a cancellation of regular season games for the 2022 season. He also stated that he felt both sides were to blame when it came to not reaching an agreement. The fans and players are not happy with Manfred, as shown with some tweets down below.

As stated above, Rob Manfred decided to cancel the first couple series of the regular season. Now what does this cancellation mean for the Phillies? They will miss their Opening series in Houston against the Astros, and then they will miss a two game series in Washington against the NL East rival Nationals. Their home opener is still scheduled to be played, as that will be the first game back. That is unless there are more games canceled in the near future. The Phillies home opener series will be a three game series against the Oakland Athletics of the AL West. Last season the Athletics finished with a record of 86-76, missing the Wild Card by six games.

Overall, this outcome is truly a disastrous one for the sport of baseball. The sport has slowly been dying and revenue has been dropping as the years go on. Rob Manfred is not a good commissioner and has ruined the sport of baseball since he became commissioner in the year of 2014. Many things have gone wrong since he took over, and the cancellation of games just adds to it. Today will go down in history in the sport of baseball, and it will definitely not be part of the good part of history.

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