MATCH RECAP: New Look Union Squeak Out Draw in Chicago

Well, this lineup is one that certainly turned some heads, as Jim's squad played their third game in 7 days. The New Look Union went to Chicago, and after a chaotic 90 minutes, somehow pulled off the draw!

Starting XI



Wagner, Findlay, Glesnes, Powell

Flach, Elliott, Sullivan, Monteiro

Santos, Burke



Navarro, Calvo, Pineda, Sekulic

Stojanovic, Kappelhof

Aliseda, Herbers, Medran


First Half Summary

Things got off to a bad start for the Union. A crossing ball toward net was struck by a diving Glesnes. The quick strike hit the outside of Jakob's foot, which then flew right over a helpless Blake. An awful start considering the slippery weather conditions, as well as this unique lineup.

Salt was poured into the wound just minutes later, as Wagner went down hard along the sideline. He immediately grabbed his left hand, which was then bandaged up by the medical staff. Unsure how serious this injury is, but he returned into play soon after.

The first booking came in the 10th minute. Elliott was chasing Aliseda as he crossed over midfield, and a lunging slide grabbed Aliseda's feet. An easy call for the official here.