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Major League Baseball to Cancel Regular Season Games if CBA is not Agreed Upon

Yet another day has passed, and there is still no agreement on a brand new collective bargaining agreement between the owners and the players union of Major League Baseball. The two sides have met every single day so far this week, and plan to meet again tomorrow, but there is little to no progress being made. With an agreement not looking likely anytime soon, the worst case scenario for Major League Baseball has a high chance of happening. This scenario is the fact that games will be canceled and there will be a shortened season. The original deadline to have a new collective bargaining agreement agreed upon was Monday, February 28th. Now, Major League Baseball has already canceled Spring Training games until at least March 5th, so the league showed that they are willing to cancel games if it is needed. Unless there is some crazy improvement in the meetings that will take place the next few days, I think it is safe to say that Opening Day will be postponed from the original date that is planned. This would be a sad outcome for a sport that used to dominate this country, but is now falling off as the NFL and the NBA continue to adapt the younger generation of sports fans, while the MLB does not do much of anything, if anything at all. My personal opinion of the situation is that there will be regular season games canceled, and this will only increase the downfall of Major League Baseball here in the United States of America. I used to be positive of this situation, and thought that everything would be fine, but my mind has completely changed throughout the past week. If you are a baseball fan, it is time to get into college baseball and minor league baseball, since it looks like the Majors will not be planning in the near future.

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