Mack's Monday Mock: Top Eleven

Welcome back NFL Draft enthusiasts. I took last week off because of work, but I am back. This week we will look at the top 10 picks. This year's top ten is looking amazing. So much great talent that will step in day 1. With 3 teams that control over half the top 10, could these teams find their missing piece or will they find themselves back in the top ten in 2023?

1. Detroit Lions: Kayvon Thibodeaux EDGE Oregon

The Lions offense has not been horrible this season, but it has not been great. By having the first overall pick, usually the team will be looking for a QB. However, without that clear top tier QB in this draft, Detroit can focus on their defense. You can not go wrong with Kayvon. He is so quick and strong and tears apart his opponent with ease. Between him and Hutch, Detroit can not go wrong. Even if they go with Hutch, Detroit fans will not argue.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars: Aiden Hutchinson EDGE Michigan

I looked into it, but the Jags can't draft a new head coach. Maybe Urban should make this pick, because he is a proven winner in drafts and his assistants are losers. That is how that convo went right? Whoever Detroit does not pick, then Jacksonville should draft. The Jaguars focused a lot in the first round last year on offense, now it is time to get a top tier defensive talent.

3. Houston Texans: Evan Neal OL Alabama

The Texans needs a QB, but I like the idea of running with Davis Mills for a full season and see what happens. The same outcome will occur with any other QB in this draft and if they suck they can draft Bryce Young next year. Neal is a big man, like real big. By drafting Neal, the Texans can protect the QB and solidify the offensive line.

4. New York Jets: Kyle Hamilton S Notre Dame

The first of 4 straight picks for the state of New York (or New Jersey since that is where the Giants and Jets play.) Hamilton is a rare talent for his position. He is so versatile and so quick. It is unheard of to draft a safety this year in the draft, but it is the Jets. They traded Jamal Adams away, might as well draft a better version of him.

5. New York Giants: Matt Corrall QB Ole Miss

Daniel Jones is not the future for the Giants. They could try and sign one in the off-season, but they can easily take 1 with their two first round draft picks. Even though I do not feel Corrall is the best QB in this draft, he is easily the most talked about QB. If the Giants only had 1 first round pick, I would be hesitant about this pick, but they can take the risk and create some QB competition.