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Lurie hints at potential changes at the end of the season.

According to Adam Caplan from Inside The Birds, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie told the coaches that he has not been happy with the offense all season. The Eagles are off to a 3-6-1 start, but they are still in first place in the NFC East, but every team in the division has been off to an atrocious start. The Birds are 2-2 in NFC East play with home wins over the Giants and the Cowboys, but they have not been good on the road in the division. The Eagles made a few changes last offseason by firing offensive coordinator Mike Groh and let go of a few position coaches.

Defensive Coordinator Jim Schwartz took a lot of heat last season and continues to take some this season, but I think the Eagles defense has played well so far this season. Head Coach Doug Pederson has taken most of the heat this season because of his play-calling choices, but he said that he has felt great about the plays that he has called all season long. Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has also been at the center of criticism due to his performance and bad decision making by the interceptions, holding onto the ball too long, and being the most sacked quarterback in the league.

If things do not improve, I see the Eagles at the worst, finishing with a 3-12-1 record, and that would be one of the worst seasons in franchise history. At best, I see the Birds finishing with a 4-11-1 with only one game that I see the Eagles being favorite in, and that being Washington, so I still see changes needing to be made at the end of the season. Who will it be Doug Pederson or Carson Wentz? Doug Pederson is the one in charge, and he has not made good coaching decisions at all this season, and I think he is easier to get rid of than Wentz. I think Philadelphia is stuck with Wentz for a while, and I think Howie Roseman still seems really committed to him, so if anyone is going, it is Doug Pederson.

I am a Doug Pederson fan, and I am very grateful to him for coaching the Birds to Super Bowl LII, but this is the NFL. I'm not saying that this change will be made because the Birds are still in first place, but the offense does need to improve, and the quarterback is very broken right now. These issues can be fixed, and if the Eagles still sneak away with the NFC East Championship without improving, then Pederson still has a job in 2021, but he will have no choice then to fire some assistants.

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