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Lincoln Riley gets $110 million, Michigan beats Ohio State, and more from Rivalry Week

It feels like Michigan's win over Ohio State was a month ago with everything going on in the college football world right now. Lincoln Riley has left in eth middle of the night to take the USC job in the middle of the night. The details of the agreement of the contract are going to shock you.

Per Robert Hefner, Riley gets the following:

- $110 million

- USC buying both of his homes in Norman for $500,000

- USC will buy Riley a $6 million home in LA for him

- Unlimited use of the USC private jet 24/7 for the

You can't really beat that type of offer. I love this move for Lincoln Riley as USC being a national power would be so great for the sport. Seeing the LA Coliseum packed as #5 USC takes on #7 Notre Dame is something that I yearn for as a college football fan. It has been so long since USC has been relevant nationally and I am hoping USC gets there. Riley has done a great job of recruiting and now that he is in a football hot bed out in California, I don't see why he won't be successful. Maybe he can help some of that quarterback talent in California stay home rather than go play in Columbus or Tuscaloosa. The sweet irony of it all is the Oklahoma athletic director wishing he had more notice on Riley's decision when they basically just did the same thing to the Big 12. Bet it sucks on the other end of the deal!

Now onto this weekends games where I have three takeaways:

  1. Michigan absolutely bullied Ohio State. This is the same issue that the Buckeyes had back in September when they played Oregon. they just could not stop the run. Simply put, Ryan Day has recruited an incredibly soft group of defensive tackles. That Buckeyes defensive line was pushed around for nearly 300 rushing yards as they watched Hassan Haskins score 5 times against them. A great story from that day is that the #7 defensive tackle in the class of 2023, Joel Starlings, was in attendance for that game and was so blown away by the experience that he committed to play at Michigan right after. That is why college football is so great right there. What a win for Harbaugh, the program, and Michigan fans around the world.

  2. Alabama has major issues in the trenches that were exploited by Auburn. I get it that the Iron Bowl is a big deal but the way that offensive line was manhandled by Auburn was astonishing. They are lucky that Tank Bigsby inadvertently ran out of bounds to stop the clock late and that TJ Finley was on one leg or they would have lost. That Alabama offense could not create any running lanes or give Bryce Young time to pas for the first 59 minutes of the game. Now they walk into a game against a Georgia defense that has allowed 83 points all season long. Personally, I think Georgia is going to manhandle this Alabama team on both sides. They gave up 244 yards on the ground to Florida earlier this year. This ain't your typical Nick Saban team. I think they may be soft.

  3. My last takeaway is that this is an incredibly unique opportunity for teams to compete for a national championship. It is looking like we will have a CFP without Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State. We will also have those three and Oklahoma not be their conferences champion. Who would've figured that earlier this year?

My prediction for the college football playoff

  1. Georgia

  2. Michigan

  3. Cincinnati

  4. Oklahoma State

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