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Howie Roseman and Nick Sirianni Press Conference Recap

Philadelphia Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman and Head Coach Nick Sirianni met with the media for the first time this league year.

Following the failures of the 2020 season and the struggles, the Eagles have had since winning the Super Bowl. The main focus of the questioning was aimed at Roseman. Especially with the Eagles entering their most important offseason in a long time.

Before the press conference started, the Eagles General Manager spoke about the elephant in the room regarding the Carson Wentz trade.

Roseman spoke of the team's ambitions for the former franchise quarterback. Before sending his best wishes to the new face of the Indianapolis Colts.

Roseman said: "When we drafted Carson [Wentz] in 2016, we dreamed of the moment where he played like an MVP and won us a Championship.

"He did both of those things, and we're very appreciative of his contributions to us.

"For the trade, we felt like it was in the best interest for both parties, and we wish him the best in Indianapolis."

Roseman was asked about his previous press conference, which came in January. He stated how he could not imagine being without Wentz. The General Manager opened up about how the situation surrounding that changed.

He said: "A lot of honest conversations with him and his representative about where he was and feeling that maybe it was best to move on.

"We told him that it would have to work out best for both sides, and that's what the trade is with Indy. A win-win trade."

Roseman was later questioned on what was said between him and Wentz, but he kept the contents of those discussions hidden behind closed doors.

Roseman then took the chance to thank and praise veteran wide receivers DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery.

Both receivers have been released from the team and played vital parts in the history of the franchise. The General Manager had kind words to say about both.

Roseman added: "We've also parted ways with some other big players. DeSean Jackson, one of the greatest receivers in the history of our team, and Alshon Jeffery. Without him, we would have never had a Super Bowl Championship."

Roseman was asked about whether he felt it was fair he was taking the brunt of the blame for the downwards spiral the team has been in since the Super Bowl.

The 45-year-old has been at the centre of the team's controversies over the last 12 months, leading to many asking questions regarding Roseman's job security.

Roseman responded: "I don't know if fair is a consideration. It's the nature of the job.

"I think we have a tremendous fanbase that's very passionate, and I'm proud about a lot of things that we've done here. I also feel that we had a terrible year.

"We won four games, and I'm certainly part of that. I've got to wear that as well."

Many negative stories have come out about the team over the last three-and-a-half months. One that recently broke out was a confrontation between Lane Johnson and Roseman.

The Eagles GM quickly shut down those rumours saying: "I understand the story with Lane. Lane's signed an extension since then, and our relationship is good. "

There have also been reports labelling the atmosphere inside the building as dysfunctional and toxic.

Roseman realises that this will add to the adversity he and the team have suffered but is confident they will work past it.

He said: "We've had a team and building that's dealt with a lot of adversity, and I don't think that's necessarily fair."

The General Manager then referred to the success previous front office staff had and how they have moved on from the organisation into better jobs as a point of the culture inside the organisation.

Roseman knows it will take a lot to get back to where the Eagles once were, but he has the belief that he and Sirianni can eventually do that.

Roseman said: "Coach and his staff are all ball all of the time. They love talking about players and talking about the scheme. It's been really fun.

"We've got a lot of work to do, and we've climbed the mountain once, and we aim to do it again."

With Wentz now gone, Jalen Hurts is the only contracted quarterback on the roster. It will be a big year for the 2020 Second Round pick, who looks likely to become the starting quarterback.

His new Head Coach was full of praise for what the quarterback has done and is looking forward to building a successful relationship between the two.

Sirianni stated: "We feel that good offensive football is catering to your players. Particularly, first and foremost, your quarterback.

"Of course, we're looking at different things that fit our offensive scheme and also what our quarterbacks do well.

"Right now, we've got one quarterback on our team, and we're thinking about Jalen and the things he does well. The things he did at Alabama, the things he did well in Oklahoma, and what he did well last year when he was here.

"We're looking through those things and hoping to make him as successful as we possibly can."

Roseman showed similar sentiments towards the second-year quarterback, who he shocked the world by drafting last year. He gushed over Hurts' abilities.

He said: "When people start talking about Jalen, the first thing that they go to is his athleticism and his strength as a runner.

"I don't think that's necessarily fair.

"He's a guy that completed over 70% of his passes at Oklahoma. He's got a feel for the passing game, he's got a plus arm, and I think he's going to continue to get better and better.

"Over his four games, and Coach said this, he's only got four starts, and there's huge room for him to continue to improve."

There have been plenty of articles and rumours surrounding the heavy involvement that owner Jeffrey Lurie is having on personnel and draft decisions.

Roseman was quick to the defence of his boss saying: "Jeff's always been involved with what we do here. He's always been one to ask questions, challenge us, and make sure we're doing the right things.

"I don't see how that's changed over the last couple of years. I'm very comfortable with his role here and very appreciative of his role here."

Reports were also broken over the last couple of weeks that Lurie has directed his staff on prioritising Hurts as the team's starter and doing all they can to cement that.

Some reports even stated that the Lurie did not want the Eagles to bring in a quarterback to compete for the job. However, Roseman pushed back on those discussions.

Roseman said: "Like coach said, and he reminds me daily, we have one quarterback on our roster.

"We always try to value that position and have depth. I don't see any of that changing here going forward.

"We want to have a really strong quarterback room."

"We're going to have a look at the free-agent market, trade market, and most certainly look at the draft to strengthen that position."

The future of Zach Ertz remains up in the air and a hot topic of conversation. The tight end looks set to be leaving the franchise after his emotional press conference after the Week 17 loss to the Washington Football Team.

The Eagles General Manager provided an update on the Ertz situation.

He said: "Zach's been a huge part of the success that we've had. He's a heck of a player and a heck of a person, and we value him.

"For us to trade a player, it's got to make sense for both sides because none of us had the year that we wanted last year, but that doesn't define who we are.

"We know who he is on and off the field, and we value that. Anything that we do with any of our players is based on what's best for the Philadelphia Eagles as well."

With free agency now open, the Eagles have been quiet in the opening few days. They recently announced the signing of Safety Andrew Adams and that they re-signed defensive tackle Hassan Ridgeway.

Roseman admitted the Eagles are being very active in discussing the possibility of bringing players in but will only jump the gun if the deal and player is right.

He said: "Every day we're meeting about the available players, and talking about the player that is available with our personnel staff, our front office staff and our coaching staff.

"We're looking to see what the fits will be. We're looking for guys that'll fit our scheme, and we think can fit our culture.

"If there's an opportunity to improve our team, we're going to look at that and continuing to do that.

"If the fits right. We'll do it."

Sirianni was then questioned on the free agency process on his end and explained the decision making on his part.

Sirianni stated: "Every position is a little bit different regarding what you need. There's been great communication between Howie and his staff, and the coaches and myself.

"Those have been great conversations in painting the picture of what sort of players fit the things that we're looking to do.

"We build our schemes based off the players that we have, but it doesn't mean we're not looking for certain things."

Sirianni then passionately explained the prototype of a player that he loved to have on his team and how they were players they want to bring in.

He said: "We're always looking for tough players, looking for high football IQ players and looking for players that're competitive. Lastly, we're always looking for players that love ball.

"In my experience, when you find players that have those four things, they're the players you can't go into a game without."

This year also sees the drafting process change once again. There will be no NFL Scouting Combine due to COVID-19.

Despite this, the Eagles appear prepared for the challenges that soon await them. Roseman admitted that they feel ahead of the process.

Roseman stated: "Having to deal with it last year allowed us to have a head start in terms of planning for this, and understanding that it may look like it is now.

"We tried to get ahead of it in August by getting as many looks as we could on guys. Utilising all of our resources to find out about the person as well as the player.

"What we've done is make sure that we're focussing on a group of guys that we feel good about and knowing as much as we possibly can about."

Last year's draft class was one of frustration. It saw two players taken off the practice squad, and many others did not get their chance consistently starting.

However, Roseman knows that with the situation they are in, many of the players drafted over the last couple of seasons will get their chance. Then, for some rookies this year, they will be thrust right into the action.

Roseman said: "After meeting with our coaching staff and getting their evaluations on some of our players and young players. It's clear that some of our young players are going to play right away.

"Whether it's from last year's draft class, the year before or even players that we draft this year.

"There will be opportunities to play. When you have a new coaching staff, and they talk all the time about competition, and the rookies will know right away, there'll be opportunities here."

Over the last four seasons, the Eagles offense was built around 12 personnel packages. However, Sirianni has a different outlook on how his offense will look.

He said: "As far as the personnel goes, it always looks different based on who you are and what kind of teams you have.

"I've been on teams that have been heavy 11 personnel, and it's always started there.

"Then I've had teams that are having 11 personnel, but 12 was our good mixer. I've also had teams where we've played in 21, and two halfbacks have been a good mixer.

"I hate to sound cliche, but it's about what your players can do. I've had success in 12. Our teams in Indy had success using multiple tight ends on the field."


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