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Gutty Win Against Giants Fuels Many Narratives

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I’m not being honest if I don’t say that this trend of somehow being inept only to somehow make the game interesting isn’t incredibly dramatic, yet thrilling for me.

Let’s start here: the Eagles are a bad team. There’s no real denying it. There’s plenty of season left, but what’s the cost of salvaging it and what will that take? What is this team’s identity and what moves will improve this team in the short term and long term? It’s hard to find an answer.

The Eagles are yet again, banged up for the 3rd consecutive season, however somehow statistically injured MORE in many ways than any other team in the NFL right now. It’s forced the hands of the GM, head coach, and defensive coordinator to put together a team with a lot of moving parts week after week, as fans that are discontent continue to point fingers.

This week is bound to be an extremely interesting one with the trade deadline looming. Rumors have been bouncing around about Roseman wanting “to buy”, but also mentioned by Jay Glazer Thursday in pregame, “to sell”. We know a move is impending. These moves will affect the future of the team, as young guys continue to improve. Can you win the division and still be a seller? I sure hope so.

It would appear as though it may be open season for Jeffery Lurie, as there’s plenty of blame to go around for the team’s struggles. Is Jim Schwartz too stubborn? Is Howie Roseman to blame for not only an expensive, but old roster? Is Doug’s play calling stymieing the young offensive potential?

The narratives await in silence as these next two weeks shine a light on this Eagles team, that is surely in the mix to win the NFC East. Do you embrace the rebuild or go for broke?

Or perhaps both?

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