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Grading the Game: Week 7 @LVR

By Chip Keagy, AATSN Co-Host

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Lets be very clear about one thing: this game was winnable on paper. The Raiders struggled to stop the run and run the football themselves. The Eagles even started this game with committing to the run game. When Miles Sanders exited the game with an injury, the entire landscape of the game changed. Do not be fooled by the 11 point final result. It was never that close. Here is the gradebook for a total stomping in Las Vegas:

Coaching Staff: F

No adjustments as per usual. Penalties as per usual. Turnovers as per usual. Not understanding/executing plays (the onside kick to start the half, accepting a penalty to keep the Raiders O on the field) per usual. Not being able to exploit weaknesses for other teams per usual. This team is just not prepared on a weekly basis and they had 10 days to prepare for this game!

Quarterback: D

Lots of throws that were behind the WRs. Taking the first opportunity to scramble. Not jumping on fumbles (2 botched snaps today). Around the 50% completion mark (and was for almost the entirety of the game). We learned nothing new today except that Jalen Hurts still can not single handedly lead this team to a victory. He's not of that elite level QB yet and most likely will never be.

Running Backs: C

Kudos to Miles Sanders for helping establish the run game early. He was on pace for a HUGE game until he got hurt. Gainwell had a huge fumble at the worst possible moment and in the worst possible location on the field. Running him directly into the line isn't his forte. Boston Scott did a good job when he got his chances and the RBs did play a role in today's game.

Wide Receivers: C

Quite a few drops which isn't ideal. Devonta had a good game except the drops and getting pushed towards the sidelines way too easily. Reagor had a great catch in the 4th quarter for a TD but wasn't a huge part of the game the rest of the way. Quez was not his usual self either. This group is developing but not quick enough for a team that calls 50-65 pass plays per game.

Tight Ends: C-

This category needs to be renamed: who had the better game PHI's Goedert or ARI's Ertz. Today (and probably most days) it will be Ertz. Goedert didn't have a meaningful impact until garbage time. I want him to be the TE1 people expect him to be. He's just not yet.

Offensive Line: F

Woof. The Oline was TERRIBLE today. Didn't open holes, didn't adjust to a vicious Raiders front line. Penalties that wipe out HUGE plays, bad snaps, PUTTING YOUR HAND IN FRONT OF THE SNAP. I noticed a lot of standing around by the Oline which can't be the solution to not getting called for being downfield on pass plays. This Oline had a monumental task today and didn't accomplish their goals.

Defensive Line: F

Not an impactful group today. They didn't get to Carr (he had a career game) and they allowed a bottom 3 in the league rushing team to run all over them today EVEN WHEN THEY LOST THEIR STAR RB!! Not a good job today AT ALL.

SIDE NOTE: Listening to Fletcher Cox's postgame conference, he's not happy being here and not happy with this coaching staff. Look for something to happen with this specifically.

Linebackers: D

A backup TE had a career day. Backup RBs torched this team. The FULLBACK caught a 20 yard pass. I don't even blame this LBing corp when they haven't been invested in. Ignoring this group for as long as we have is really starting to hurt this team.

Secondary: A

Carr had probably the easiest 300 yard game I've ever seen. He didn't do anything really impressive and Maddox was able to get an INT. They held a VERY dangerous Henry Ruggs to minimal yards and same with Hunter Renfrow. This group was the one group did that came out and did their job.

Special Teams: C+

The onsides kick was not executed well. There were extra points that hit cross bars. Jalen Reagor decided to field a punt he had not business doing. This group didn't help lead this team toward the victory but also was not the culprit for the loss.


Cool. They picked up points/yardage during junk minutes. After the first offensive drive of the game, the Philadelphia Eagles had no chance of winning this game. That to me says that this team needs an exceptionally large fix and somebody needs to step up quickly.

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