Grading the Game: Week 5 @CAR

By Chip Keagy, AATSN Co-Host

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The first winnable game that Eagles have played in weeks. Philly had a tremendous showing from their defense and had glimpses of excellence by the special teams and a HINT of success from the offense. As Coach Sirianni said, it was a total team win. The grades are in for a 21-18 victory that brings the Eagles to 2-3 on the season on a short week before a matchup with the champs.

Coaching Staff: C

Some of the things that have been plaguing the Eagles for weeks showed up again today. Run to pass ratio (which was inflated due to having the lead in the 4th quarter) was absurdly unbalanced. Penalties that were game changing penalties (pass interference that pulls points off the board). Refusing to adapt when things aren't working. These are things that are repetitive problems that are fixable. The longer that Sirianni and Co. don't fix it, the longer it will take for the Eagles to beat a good football team.

But the Eagles won today. Sirianni may not have been the reason but huge credit can go to Jonathan Gannon's defense who held the Carolina Panthers to 18 points and had 3 takeaways. This improvement allowed the Eagles to stay in the game long enough to strike. After 2 terrible weeks, the defense stepped up when it mattered the most.

Quarterback: B-

Jalen Hurts is a leader. That is impossible to question. He is also a work in progress as a quarterback. Hurts struggled all day to complete accurate passes on time. He both overthrew and under threw receivers throughout the entire game. Even the deep throw to Quez Watkins forced #16 to slow down to make the catch which allowed him to be tackled. Had Hurts hit him in stride, Watkins walks in untouched. Eventually, when the Eagles switched to the zone read offense, Hurts was able to use his legs to help carry the team to victory with his 2 touchdown runs. So while Jalen struggled with quarterback play, his leadership and athleticism is unquestioned.

Running Backs: C

I suppose I need to give them a grade this week after two weeks of not. The running back group got used (even if most of it was in garbage time). Miles Sanders carried the ball 11 times for 45 yards. Most of those runs were full speed directly into the line. When he was allowed to run off tackle, he ran out of bounds when he was supposed to keep the clock moving. Kenny Gainwell had 2 carries for 16 yards. Boston Scott was a non factor.

In the passing game, Miles Sanders had an additional 5 catches but none of them allowed him to get out in space and make things happen. This position group has to be utilized more in order to help all the other aspects of the offense. They didn't do any