Grading the Game: Week 3 @DAL

By Chip Keagy, AATSN Co-Host

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The Philadelphia Eagles have gotten worse since last year. Its just that simple. The cause is still to be determined but the team that won only 4 games last season is going to struggle to do even that well putting forth an effort like they did in Dallas. The Cowboys took care of business from the beginning of the game all the way through the end. Here is the grade book for a Texas-sized stomping in prime time.

Coaching Staff: F

I didn't think it could get worse. This team was GROSSLY under-prepared for this match-up. The biggest thing that I think is unforgivable is the straight up avoidance of the run game. Going against a team with a weaker DL due to injury, Sirianni called 2 runs for the best offensive weapon on the team. 2! If Miles Sanders wasn't hurt, this is inexcusable. Forcing your struggling QB to throw the ball almost 40x cannot happen. The effort and production from the HC is getting worse by the week.

Gannon struggled as well to mask what he was doing and Dallas hung a 40 spot on his defense. Can't blame injuries because outside of Brandon Graham, this group is still relatively healthy. Just not a good game plan against a fantastic offense team.

Quarterback: D

I get it. Jalen Hurts is athletic. But his arm strength is NOT THERE. Both of his interceptions were on him. The first was horrifically under-thrown and the second was going to get picked even if Smith didn't fall down on his break. The continuation to throw the ball only to Devonta Smith even when in double coverage is something VERY noticeable. Hurts continues to miss wide open throws to player with nobody around him. I respect that he can keep plays alive with his feet (including that junk touchdown to Ward) but this HAS to improve and quick.

Running Backs: N/A

It wouldn't be fair to give this group a grade. Miles Sanders had 2 CARRIES. One of them was for over 20 yards. Why Sanders wasn't utilized more, I don't understand and is a completely fireable offense in my opinion. Gainwell was only used during garbage time.

Wide Receivers: D+

This group had a little more success as Reagor, Watkins and Smith each had a few catches. The issue comes in that they are not makin