Grading the Game: Week 1 @ATL

By: Chip Keagy, AATSN Co-host

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A new season means it is time to break out the gradebook again! The Eagles have a whole lot of new surrounding the organization and it was all on display Sunday afternoon in Atlanta. Philadelphia took care of business and demolished a rebuilding Falcons team. How did each position group stack up? Lets begin today's class!

Coaching Staff: B

Nick Sirianni was brand new and had a ton of doubters about whether or not he could do the job. Yet, Coach didn't let anything deter him from his consistent message of competition and brotherhood. Sirianni's offense put up 30 points for the first time in a very long time. They beat up on a weaker opponent and didn't let up at all. Sirianni made excellent use of his timeouts and was about as steady as can be. Gannon's defense did not allow a touchdown and showed how strong the front 4 can be. The two things preventing this from being even higher were the penalties and the poor play calling when they did decide to go for it on 4th down. Gainwell wasn't the option there and in a closer game, this was a mistake. I believe that Sirianni and company will get it cleaned up.

Quarterback: A

Jalen Hurts was sensational. Threw for close to 300 yards and rushed for another 60. 3 TDs and nothing that even closely resembled a dangerous throw. Another guy who was told all off-season that he couldn't and he showed up and proved that he COULD. He does still struggle with arm strength (underthrown ball to Ertz that could've been an easy TD) but he can improve there. Needs to work on finding that second and even third read but an excellent job by QB1.

Running Backs: B

When given their opportunities, Sanders and Gainwell did a decent job. Both backs averaged over 4 yards per carry and Gainwell even scored his first career TD. Sanders caught a few balls out of the backfield and showed that he is due for a breakout season. Still, there were times when they didn't hit the holes quick enough and that is something that needs fixing.

Wide Receivers: B

15 catches combined between Smith, Reagor, and Watkins for 143 yards and 2 TDs. A respectable number. But it was HOW it was done. Watkins showing his quickness in space, Reagor showing absolute burners on a TD run and Smith being as sure handed as it comes. This group is young and impressive. Yet the dead weight in room is glaring in JJAW (blocking good, no catches bad) and Ward Jr (barely on the field today). Those that mattered today, played very well.

Tight Ends: B

76 yards on 6 combined catches with a TD. Dallas Goedert played very well and showed that he is willing to lay it all on the line for that next contract. Zach Ertz made a great catch on a terribly underthrown ball. This duo is going to be troublesome for defenses as the season goes on. They were solid today.