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Georgia Bulldogs Pro Day Media Recap- Who can be suiting up for the Eagles week 1?

The University of Georgia Bulldogs finished up their Pro Day on Wednesday. There are a handful of players that can be suiting up for the Eagles week 1. During media availability, I had the opportunity to listen to these guys and get to hear some players that can be playing in Philadelphia next season.

Over ten players and Kirby Smart spoke to the media this afternoon. After hearing everyone speak and what the Eagles needs are, there are 3 players that stick out the most to me. The Eagles have a very large need at CB. The Eagles can easily take one with the 6th pick, but these three guys from Georgia could prove to be great pickups for the team.

Eric Stokes

One of his most impressive traits is his speed, but it is what Coach Kirby Smart had to say about him that I think will put him on an island of his own. Coach Smart noted that we all know the player is off the field, but it is his actions off the field that make him such a great addition to a roster. Coach Smart highlighted his community work at the local hospitals and child centers make him one of the best guys he has ever coached. Chris Long was a fan favorite in Philly for his community work, Stokes' work outside of the football field will make fans fall in love. Stokes is a future Walter Payton Man of the Year Award winner. Stokes is a little undersized for an NFL cornerback, but his speed and character will make him a team and fan favorite.

Stokes is not being regarded as one of the top CB's in the draft. Experts have him going late day 2 or early 3 in the draft. When asked about how that makes him feel, he said he loves being the underdog. He has always been the underdog and says this is no different. "It adds fuel into the fire." He is ready to learn a NFL system and get playing.

From the moment Stokes took to the podium, I can feel his excitement. He spoke for around 10 minutes and his energy only got bigger and bigger. I love a player who is energetic and ready to go.

Tyson Campbell

Here is a guy that I think on the field and off the field you will get two different personalities. The on the field Tyson Campbell is currently rated as the 4th best CB in this draft. There are slim chances he is available when the Eagles pick in the 2nd round, they will need to trade up in order to draft him. As a player, I think he would be a great addition to this team. When asked what kind of player a team is getting on the field, he said he "plays fierce and plays like a dog." Personally, these are the kind of players Eagles fans love. The team will love a guy who gives it all on the field. Brian Dawkins played with so much heart on the field and I see a lot of that style in Campbell.

The issue I see with Campbell is his character. Throughout his entire interview, he would not go into much detail in any answer. I am not sure if he was just unsure how to respond or if he just did not want to participate. He is aware that he ranked as the 4th best CB in this draft, and when asked what his message to the fans of the team that drafted him that may be sold on one of the CB's ahead of him, here is what he responds with.

As a fan, this does not make me excited for Tyson Campbell to be an Eagle. We all know, Eagles fans want straightforward answers from their players. I am all for a player being confident, but when you come off arrogant, some red flags get raised.

Mark Webb

Here is the last person that stood out to me big time during the press conference. Webb is projected to go on Day 3 of the drafts; as early as the 5th round and as late as the 7th. Webb could prove to be a late round diamond in the rough for the Eagles. The big reason why the Eagles should take a long hard look at him is because he is a Philly native. During his press conference, he talked about how being from Philly is a mentality and the Philly mentality is what helps his drive and determination to play so well.

This is the type of player the Eagles need and fans want. The Philly mentality is something that is hard to explain. If you are not from the area, you have a hard time understanding it. If you experienced it, you have a tough time explaining it. Webb won multiple state football championships in Philadelphia and his determination is what will help him make great plays for the Eagles.

Coach Kirby Smart praised Webb for how athletic and versatile he is. When Webb arrived in Athens, he was a WR. Coach Smart recognized how deep of a CB room he had and saw how Webb is one of the most athletic players in the room. Making that switch from CB to WR has helped him in being able to recognize and analyze a WR.

Webb played behind two incredible CB's at Georgia so he goes unnoticed. His anticipation of a play and his elite instincts will excite any NFL coach. His time as a WR has really helped him grow into an elite player. By playing WR before and having incredible CB experience, he has the ability to play both sides of the ball. When asked if that was a possibility, he said he loved being a WR and how he is ready to take on any role for a franchise.

Georgia has produced some great NFL talent over the past few seasons and this draft is no exception. This draft class is Kirby's Smart's first full recruiting class while at Georgia. I am a big fan of Eric Stokes and Mark Webb. Both bring two different things to the table that I feel the Eagles need. Eric Stokes brings a great individual into a locker room that has a lot of distrust in it. Mark Webb brings that Philly mentality and what it means to play for this city. Tyson Campbell will fit in great on the field, but the character for me is raising some huge flags.


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