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Eagles' Lurie Needs To Point At Self For Team Dysfunction

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Just when we thought the Eagles' offseason couldn't be anymore crazy, we thought wrong. An ESPN report came out over the weekend that Eagles' Head Coach Doug Pederson "could be out" as the team leader "if owner Jeffrey Lurie is not confident about Pederson's vision." This all could stem from the recent speculation that Pederson is looking to promote passing game coordinator Press Taylor to be the next Eagles' offensive coordinator after one of the franchise's worst statistical passing rankings in recent memory. The two are set to have a 2nd meeting Monday to talk about Pederson's future. And I feel Lurie really needs to look at himself in the mirror and needs to come to the realization that he is as much to blame for the Eagles' dysfunction.

Look Im not one to defend Doug Pederson. He has had list of flaws since delivering the Eagles their first Lombardi Trophy in franchise history. He has made questionable decisions with player personnel, his debatable play calling, the continuing strain of his relationship with franchise QB Carson Wentz all while compiling a below .500 record since winning the Super Bowl. But not all of this is on Doug. It has come out over the last few months that there is definitely a power struggle between Pederson and the Eagle's GM Howie Roseman and it has shown just with the events that have happened this season:

-Eagles fire Offensive Coordinator Mike Groh a day after Doug said they would be back -Howie having final say with Eagles drafting WR Jalen Reagor and QB Jalen Hurts in the first 2 rounds of 2020 Draft.

-WR Alshon Jeffery getting reps over the younger wideouts such as WR Travis Fulgham(who at one point was top 5 in receiving), WR Quez Watkins, WR John Hightower, etc when it's pretty clear Jeffery is gone after this season.

It's pretty clear that Howie Roseman has been pulling his weight around and assembled an atrocious roster for Doug to work with along with putting the Eagles in cap hell which will limit their ability to improve a roster this offseason that was 4-11-1 last year. Howie continues to strike out and make bad decisions and bad contracts but there is no repercussions for his inept decision making. And he continues to have to job?

I don't know what dirt Howie has on Lurie to continue to run this franchise into the ground but Lurie needs to grow a spine and gain control back of his franchise if he wants any chance of getting back on the winning track. He has allowed Roseman too much control that is causing issues with not only the play on the field but off the field. Despite one offseason where he magically hit on every move, he has been a mediocre GM at best. And it's causing turmoil and dysfunction that is making the Eagles the laughing stock of the NFL.

Lurie has to really think long and hard before he makes any rash decision on Doug's future. Pederson has had to issues but what coach in his right mind is gonna want to come to this dumpster fire? They will walk in to a Quarterback controversy between Wentz and Hurts, a GM who has been known to be difficult to work with and wants full control of all aspects of your team including your coaching staff, a rebuilding roster with no money to improve and an Owner that does nothing but give into his GM. If he pulls the trigger and moves on, I feel we are heading back towards the dark days of Eagles football and the blame is ultimately lies on the shoulders of our timid owner Jeffrey Lurie

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