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Eagles join list of teams to issue statement on offseason workouts

Eagles players issued a statement Sunday morning on their thoughts on offseason workouts. The players said they're not attending. According to ProFootballTalk, the Eagles are the19th team to issue a statement.

Eagles players state:

“We believe in the solidarity of players across the NFL and using our collective voice to stand up for each other and what’s right,” the statement reads. “Our teammates have come together to make a decision as a team as to what is best for us this offseason. We have shared and talked about the facts from our union and our players will not be attending in-person voluntary workouts.

“We know that every player has to make a decision that is best for him, but to stand in solidarity with the brotherhood of players across the NFL, we have decided to come together on this choice.

“The ongoing pandemic is obviously still an issue for our city and our country, and it is unnecessary for us to put ourselves at risk in this environment. We also know what the data shows about our overall health and safety.

“As a team and as professionals, we will hold each other accountable as we always do to stay in shape and get ready for the upcoming season.”

Teams deciding not to attend these workouts may upset owners and coaches but these are voluntary and players are not required to attend.

Many players will workout on their own with personal trainers and some teammates may travel to one location to work with each other. For example, it is common to see a QB and a group of receivers from the team travel to one location to meet up and work on timing and chemistry.

Multiple motives could be behind these decisions not to attend, including the pandemic or players feeling they can improve the same amount training from home. Regardless, players have the option to attend or not to.

Players will still be attending mandatory minicamps and training camp and teams will be ready for the start of the regular season come September.

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