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College Football Week 2: Winners, Losers, CS Top 10. Oregon with a Program Defining Win

Week 2 of college football did not showcase the same level of big games that we saw a week ago. Alabama was taking on Mercer, Clemson played South Carolina State, and Oklahoma played Western Carolina. What we did get in week 2 was really figuring out if week 1 was a fluke for some teams. The biggest week 1 fluke: Texas is certainly not back.

Game of the week: Oregon 35 - Ohio State 28

I have to be honest I did not expect Oregon to come in and tale it to Ohio State like that. The Buckeyes had opportunities late in the game and Oregon just did not let them take advantage. The Ducks run game punished the Buckeyes all day in handing Ohio State their first loss in the regular season under Ryan Day. Oregon is for real.


  1. Oregon: The path is now set for Oregon to return to the College football playoff. Looking around the PAC 12 it doesn't look like anyone is standing in their way from going undefeated either. Washington is 0-2, Utah lost, USC lost to Stanford. It may be the year of the duck.

  2. Iowa: Iowa is a legit team folks. Teams don't go into Iowa State and man handle them the way that they did this past Saturday. Still a long way to go but loving what I am seeing from the Hawkeyes so far.

  3. Cincinnati: If this is the year a G5 team makes the playoff it has started out spectacularly. Ohio State and Clemson already losing. If you take care of business and go undefeated you're in Luke Fickell. First up Indiana this week.

  4. Big 12: Getting Cincinnati, BYU, Houston, and UCF is huge for the conference. They may be able to survive this poaching. Obviously it won't be as good bui all of those teams are competitive.


  1. Texas: SEC football is a little different isn't it? You can't be losing to Arkansas 40-21. You can certainly lose to Arkansas, but not like this. It may turn out that ULL is just a bad football team. That game earned two horns down from me.

  2. Notre Dame: The line play was horrid allowing 7 sacks. They kept switching quarterbacks in and out. The defense gave up 29 to Toledo. Florida State lost to Jacksonville State so what does an opening week OT win look like? The positives here are that Brian Kelly coached teams have these hiccups every year. They had it against Louisville last year and Ball State in 2018. Both years they made the CFP. So who knows but it doesn't look good.

  3. Florida State: Referenced above. After the McKenzie Milton redemption story a week ago you can't lose to an FCS team, especially not on a hail mary. Tough look all around for the 'Noles.

CS Top 10

  1. Alabama

  2. Georgia

  3. Oregon

  4. Iowa

  5. Oklahoma

  6. Cincinnati

  7. Ohio State

  8. Clemson

  9. Penn State

  10. Florida

Embrace Debate.

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