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College Football Week 11: Big 12 Powers Embarrass Themselves and Ohio State Flexes

Longhorn Nation, We're baaaaaaaaaaacccckkkkkk.

I can't believe we have two weeks of regular season college football left. This year has just flown by. This week have have thinned out the contenders a little bit more as Oklahoma seems to have been from contention... unless of course they win out and win the Big 12. There is still time for things to get interesting!

Game of the week: Auburn 34 - Mississippi State 43

2021 Auburn I would like to welcome you to the infamous club of blown leads. I would like to introduce you to the 2016 Atlanta Falcons, 2016 Warriors, 2019 Baylor, and the 2004 New York Yankees. Take your shoes off and make yourself at home. Unfortunately Bo Nix got injured but this will ultimately define Auburn's season. Anytime you blow a 28-3 lead to a conference opponent it will define your season. Again, 2019 Baylor is in the corner you can ask them. I thought they could actually win the Iron Bowl but that pipe dream seems too be shot right about now. Hats off to Will Rogers who threw 6 touchdowns in the comeback effort for the Bulldogs. A remarkable performance on the road for him.


  1. Ohio State: Absolute domination. This offense is unbelievable to watch. Stroud, Wilson, Olave, Henderson, and Smith-Njigba all contributed in a 59 point outburst including a 45 point first half. They didn't get stopped until the last two minutes of the 3rd quarter. I need to see this offense take on Georgia's defense.

  2. Michigan: Huge win for Jim Harbaugh and they almost control their destiny to get into the playoff. They need some help since they aren't undefeated obviously, but we are nearing the most anticipated matchup with Ohio State we have had in a couple years.

  3. Kansas: When you are a Jayhawk fan you don't get to celebrate much but what a win against Texas. I love when big programs have down years and the conference opponent they always pick on finally gets them. What a special moment for those players and to win on the two point conversion in overtime makes it even sweeter.


  1. Oklahoma: With no real big wins on the resume and a bunch of close calls this loss will virtually eliminate the Sooners from contention. In a season that had so much hype with Rattler and a much improved defense Lincoln Riley's club just didn't have what it took in a huge road test with a freshman quarterback. I do still believe Caleb Williams can be a very good player for this program moving forward.

  2. Texas: Certainly not back. They have a ton of issues and have years of rebuilding to do to get back to national relevancy. To me they are closer to being Florida State and Miami than they are to being Notre Dame. Long road ahead for Longhorn fans and moving to the SEC will not make it easier.

  3. Penn State: That loss felt like the end of the James Franklin era. It was a weird year for the Nittany Lions and they could still salvage it with a win against Michigan State, but after starting the season with wins at Wisconsin and in prime time against Auburn, things unraveled so quickly in Happy Valley, setting up for a very interesting off-season.

My CFP Today

  1. Georgia

  2. Cincinatti

  3. Ohio State

  4. Oregon

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