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Carson Wentz: History Shows Other Star QB’s Have Struggled.

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There is no surprise that Carson Wentz has not played to the caliber we’ve seen his first 4 seasons. The fanbase has been rumbling about what they've seen on the field and all the turnovers. NFL history has seen star signal callers with struggles in their careers. I have five examples below detailing other star quarterbacks have had rough first halves.

Carson Wentz (2020- 28)- 3-4-1

Stats through first 8 games: 178-305 58% 1883 yards 12 TD 12 INT 5 RTD 73.2 qb rating

(Matt Rourke/AP)

Many people are writing Carson off and yes he has struggled this year, but to deem him as failed and cannot be your star quarterback is preposterous. He needs to cut the turnovers we all know this, but to say him being aggressive always leads to turnovers does not add up to who he is as a player. His previous 3 seasons he had only 7 INT in each of those years. This second half of the year is big and I expect to see the Carson we are used to seeing.

We Have Seen This Before From Other Elite NFL Quarterbacks.

Peyton Manning (2002-26)- 4-4

Stats through first 8 games: 207-308 67% 2125 yards 14 TD 11 INT 2 RTD 87.1 qb rating

(Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Peyton Manning is an all-time great, but he struggled early in his career. The interception numbers high his rookie season (28). but going into his 5th season as a pro (2002) Manning again had some high turnover numbers (21). Manning had the luxury of bonafide stars like Marvin Harrison and Edgerrin James. veterans like Marcus Pollard and Qadry Ismail and young wideout Reggie Wayne. This also was Peyton's first playoff win in his 5th year.

Brett Favre (1999- 30)- 4-4

Stats through first 8 games: 154-287 54% 2055 yards 12 TD 13 INT 71.7 qb rating

(AP Photo)

Brett Favre is a gunslinger who was the ultimate risk taker, multiple years of 20+ interceptions (6 times) and 4 times Favre had more turnovers than touchdowns. Favre who would go to back to back SB (96-97) would struggle with turnovers the next 2 seasons. In 99, Brett would finish with 27 turnovers. Green Bay surrounded Favre with talent (Antonio Freeman, Dorsey Levens, Bill Schroeder, Corey Bradford and William Henderson).

Drew Brees (2007-28)- 4-4

Stats Through first 8 games: 225-335 67% 2175 yards 12 TD 10 INT 84.5 qb rating

Drew Brees has had a few seasons of high turnover numbers including 2007 when he finished with 22. Brees a year earlier won his first playoff game which was his 6th NFL season. Brees had an explosive offensive arsenal (Marques Colston, Reggie Bush, Devery Henderson, Pierre Thomas, veterans David Patten and Eric Johnson).

Dan Marino (1989-28)- 4-4

Stats through first 8 games: 165-289 57% 2099 yards 11 TD 16 INT 1RTD 69.5 qb rating

Marino a strong armed record setting Quarterback. He would rewrite the record books, but also would have four 20+ interception seasons. During the years 1986-89 the Marino led Dolphins only had one winning season (87), but Miami wasn’t going to give up on their star QB. Dolphins had weapons on offense (Mark Clayton, Mark Duper, Ferrell Edmunds, and Jim Jensen).

John Elway (1988-28)- 4-4

Stats through first 8 games: 136-254 54% 1738 yards 8 TD 11 INT 67.6 qb rating


John Elway, a talented signal caller who had all the tools. Elway was know to take chances and rely on his cannon of an arm. Elway had four seasons of more turnovers than touchdowns including 1988. He collected his 1st playoff victory in his 4th year, and in 1988 had a plethora of talent (Vance Johnson, Mark Jackson, Ricky Nattiel and veteran Tony Dorset).

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