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Betting Predictions for the 2020 Season: Player Props

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The kickoff to the NFL season is right around the corner! For NFL fans who enjoy gambling, FanDuel and Foxbet have released player props odds for the upcoming season. (Disclaimer: these bets will only stand if a full 16 game season is played) I will give my predictions on 5 of the Eagles’ Player Props.

Carson Wentz: Over/Under 3899.5 Passing Yards - FanDuel

Prediction: Over

After throwing for over 4,000 yards for the first time in his career in 2019, this seems like an easy call with an improved core of receivers. I project somewhere in the realm of 4,200 yards for Wentz.

Jalen Reagor: Over/Under 649.5 Receiving Yards - FanDuel

Prediction: Over

Reagor has looked good so far in training camp. He is currently listed as WR2. I see Reagor having an opportunity for a good rookie season, in a pass-happy offense.

Zach Ertz: Over/Under 924.5 Receiving Yards - FanDuel

Prediction: Under

In an offense that will feature more weapons, Ertz will see a regression in his production this season. With only 1 football to go around for a healthy Desean Jackson, Jalen Reagor, and emerging stars such as Dallas Goedert and Miles Sanders, Ertz will see a dip in his touches this season.

Miles Sanders – Over/Under 925.5 Rushing Yards - FoxBet

Prediction: Over

Sanders rushed for over 800 yards as a rookie last season, not taking over the starting role until the second half of the season. I project this to be an easy call with Sanders possibly becoming the first Eagles’ back to rush for over 1200 yards, since LeSean McCoy.

Carson Wentz: Over/Under 27.5 Passing TDs – FoxBet

Prediction: Over

After throwing for 27 TDs last season with a weak set of receivers, Wentz should be well over this total in Doug Pederson’s offense. He has a good shot to break his own single-season franchise record of 33 TD passes.

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